About the Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau are dynamic young leaders who represent the youth voice and the vision of Earth Guardians. Our Speakers Bureau has spoken at workshops and trainings, given keynotes at conferences, participated in panels, addressed school assemblies, and given media interviews. Members of Earth Guardians Speakers Bureau have been hired to speak at United Nations events, international rallies and many other high-profile events.

Through Earth Guardians Youth Councils we have partnered with incredible youth speakers with both the expertise and talent to present on a variety of topics. From climate change to human rights and social justice to green entrepreneurship and innovation, members of the EG Speakers Bureau from all over the world have amplified youth perspectives on important and complex issues. Look for exciting updates to this program soon as we transition to Voice Runners.

ALEX trevino, National council member & Crew Leader


Alex is 17 years old and lives in Beaumont, Texas and is both an EG national council member and crew leader. She took her first steps into activism in 2014 on the first day of summer when she heard the news of the fine arts programs being cut from her school; she along with her fellow theatre students got to work. Within two days they had gathered 20 fine arts students, got the attention of the local media, and organized their first rally at the local ISD administration building. This action lasted the whole 2 months of summer where they called the entire community to action, traveled to the state courthouse, saved over four hundred teachers’ jobs, and helped bring the corruption within the local school board to light. In 2015, Alex again faced the school board, where she spoke out against standardized testing. After successfully opting out of standardized testing she made her transition into homeschooling, where it became possible for her two passions to meet: art and activism.

In 2016, on Halloween day, her family made their way to Standing Rock. Through this experience, she was called to action and found her passion for climate activism. After many years of fighting for what she believed in, she found the community she was searching for, Earth Guardians. Recently, she started Earth Guardians Beaumont Crew despite the challenge of living in an area that is known for their oil refineries. Alongside the launch of her crew, she is CO-founder of Operation EG with Marlow Baines and Mia Eastman. Not only is she an amazing youth leader but also a tattoo artist and incredible chef. With her dedication and fiery passion, she is making waves of change at a local and national level.

marlow baines, global crew director


Marlow Baines is a 16 year old from Boulder, Colorado. She began her journey finding her voice as an Earth Guardians National Council member. The National Council training in 2017 inspired her to do two major things. First, she launched a campaign called “Project Confidence”, which was geared towards shifting culture around school dress code from something negative and toxic to something positive and empowering for young girls. It emphasized the reality that our beauty shines from within, regardless of society’s standards of body type and physical attributions. Second, she realized that education could be as inspiring as her Earth Guardians work which propelled her to leave public High School and begin a new self learning journey.

“There is no time for competition. Despite your age, background or passion, you have a voice worth sharing.”

Shortly thereafter, she began working with Earth Guardians at an exponential rate, resulting in a newfound responsibility as an Earth Guardians Regional Crew Director for the Central United States. Between planning multi-district dances for high schoolers, schooling herself, and working with Earth Guardians, she has found a passion for bringing people together and talking about self care, because healing yourself, mentally and physically, is the first step in mending our relationship to the planet. Marlow, at 6’2, loves both slaying on the runway and balling up on the basketball court. She loves writing, traveling the world with her best friends, and representing the beautiful organization of Earth Guardians.

Recently, she has been bridging her passion for fashion and bringing awareness to the fashion industry, as well as being the co-founder and Strategic Coordinator for Operation Earth Guardians, the documentation and action team for Earth Guardians.  

Mia Eastman


Mia Eastman, age 17, has organized events within her community and showed dedicated involvement alongside leaders at the forefront of social justice issues, spanning March for our Lives, Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, The Youth Climate March Zero Hour and more. Her presence in these, seemingly separate, movements has built her personal understanding of the interconnectedness of all of the differing obstacles that people face around the globe. Through this awareness, her focus shifted to the critical state of the planet and, more specifically, how we are directly contributing to it with our current lifestyles and dependency on fossil fuels. By providing opportunities to turn her aspirations into action, Earth Guardians has assisted Mia in facilitating the organic growth and amplification of her passion to create a more regenerative future for all people.

Mia is a Co-Founder and the Creative Unification Director of Operation Earth Guardians, which is the organization’s youth-led direct action and documentation team. As part of the team, she works to further educate and inspire youth, and adults, to generate safe spaces for sharing the stories of people affected by climate change with the intention of finding solutions to the most pressing issues of today.

“There is no leadership like youth leadership. Today, we all bear witness to the mass mobilization of young people spanning the entire planet for a common cause: justice. We simply demand the future that we deserve, no political figure or corporate interest will take that away from me.”

Xiuhtezcatl | Earth Guardians Youth Director

XIUHTEZCATL MARTINEZ_WeRiseCover_574x733.jpg

Earth Guardians Youth Director Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, (his first name pronounced ‘Shoe-Tez-Caht’)  is an 18-year-old indigenous climate activist, hip-hop artist, and powerful voice on the front lines of a global youth-led environmental movement. Xiuhtezcatl, who began publicly speaking out for environmental justice at the early age of six, has traveled across the nation and to many parts of the world educating his generation about the state of the planet they are inheriting, and inspiring them into action to protect the Earth.

His message has inspired youth-led Earth Guardians crews to pop up in a myriad of countries, growing the number of youth on the front lines to combat climate change.