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We all envision a healthy, abundant future for the young people around the world. In this day and age, it becomes more and more challenging to see how we can bring the Earth and the people back into a state of balance. This is why we have created campaigns that seek to support young people in building towards positive, action-oriented climate justice solutions. Throughout the year, thousands of youth from our Earth Guardian crews all over the world come together for actions to protect the Earth, Air, Water, and Climate. 


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Earth Guardian Crews are the heart and soul of the Earth Guardians movement – starting a crew is a powerful way to have a direct and meaningful impact on your community while representing the larger global shift.

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This is a critical time in the global climate movement, and now more than ever real leadership must come from us, the people. Pledge below to join the global movement to create a healthy, regenerative planet for us and future generations.

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Earth Guardians relies on your donations to fund our programs. With your help, we engage and empower youth around the planet to protect their future and the Earth.