earth guardians crews are the heart and soul of the Earth Guardians movement – starting a crew is a powerful way to have a direct and meaningful impact on your community while representing the larger global shift.

Earth Guardians Bhutan

Earth Guardians Bhutan


What Crews Do

Crews are youth-led, inter-generational groups of impassioned leaders taking action for a healthy, just and sustainable future. They are the heartbeat of Earth Guardians. If you feel called to take meaningful action in your community, we are here to help you get started and to support you along the way.

Earth Guardians invites you to share your voice and take action through one of our strategic programs, that build upon one another and offer you opportunities to participate.

Start or Join a Crew

Earth Guardians provides many ways to take action. Our programs build upon each other. You can own your energy through our audit, follow our list of 50 Simple Things, and Protect Our Future, find this program information on our Resources Page. And…. you can step into your leadership by launching your very own Crew. Be a front-runner in the Earth Guardian movement.


Earth Guardians Crew Calls

Our Global Crew Calls help connect the crews, answer questions, facilitate space to talk about global Earth Guardians projects and meet other leaders in the movement! They are a space for Earth Guardian from all over the world come together to connect and collaborate! These calls have been incredibly inspiring thus far and we are stoked to see the powerful actions that will come from these conversations.


Other crew resources and ways to take action!

We are excited to announce an amazing partnership that will allow crews to take action in new and exciting ways. Click the button below to check out some cool ways to take action with your crew!


Meet some of our Earth Guardians Crews!

We are excited to introduce our incredible Earth Guardians Crews, which are growing in number every day! Stay tuned as we continuously add to our powerful global network.


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Crew News

If you are interested in writing a blog post for the Earth Guardians website about your crew, please submit your writings, photos, and ideas and we will work with you to get your blog post published!

Take a look at some recent entries: