Earth Guardians

Our age doesn't define our ability to create change. 

We are a tribe of young activists, artists and musicians from across the globe stepping up as leaders to co-create the future we know is possible. We are the ones we've been waiting for!

We Rise, We Vote

Join us in our campaign to increase young voter participation in the United States. More than 4 million young people turn 18 between the 2016 elections and this year's. We are the future. 

We hold the power to create change. Get informed, help us spread the word with #WeRiseWeVote, and register to vote right on our website!

We The Future

  Earth Guardians has partnered with Amplifier to share new icons of strong youth leaders with school kids - and provide a curriculum of teaching tools for their classrooms

Earth Guardians has partnered with Amplifier to share new icons of strong youth leaders with school kids - and provide a curriculum of teaching tools for their classrooms


The Education Amplifier program We The Future provides an opportunity for educators to bring Amplifier’s art, lesson plans and resources into classrooms across the country to facilitate dialogue about social justice issues.

With over 2,500 registered teachers in every state of the U.S., Amplifier's 2017 pilot program brought topics around privilege, identity, addressing racism and teaching tolerance into schools.

Through a monthly webinar, resource email, free art and lesson plans built in collaboration with partners to bring this work into the classrooms, Amplifier is providing critical and requested support to help teachers inspire the future leaders of our country.

Earth Guardians Youth Director Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is one of the ten young leaders depicted in the icons artwork being shared to inspire the next generation of young leaders. Earth Guardians is working in collaboration with Amplifier to bring our own curriculum to over 20,000 schools.

Spread the word, support the work and get the free art and resources if you’re a teacher!

YouthvGov Lawsuit: Kids suing to protect our Future

youth are suing the government for failing to act on climate change 

Earth Guardians and 21 youth plaintiffs are suing the federal government for the right to clean air, clean water, and a healthy future. These young leaders have created a wave of action as their case advances through the courts.

Earth Guardians kids are suing to protect our climate

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Earth Guardians Youth Director Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

A few of our projects to protect the earth, air, water and climate

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"The future of our generation is at stake"

-Earth Guardian & YouthvGov plaintiff Victoria Barrett

Victoria Barrett-YouthVGovPlaintiff.jpg

"People label our generation as dreamers, but hope is not the only tool we have. I am a teenager. I want to do what I love and live a life full of opportunities. I want the generation that follows to have the same chance. I absolutely refuse to let our government's harmful action, corporate greed, and the pure denial of climate science get in the way of that. If anything, I'm going to use my positive energy to show my government that I won't let my world stop for them. WE won't let our world stop for them. Our generation will continue to be a force for the world."

Featured Videos

Kelsey Juliana, Earth Guardians Youth Council member, speaks to Bill Moyers: Fighting climate change in the courts and walking across the country to spread the word on global warming.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Youth Director of Earth Guardians, addresses the United Nations General Assembly on Climate Change. 

Earth Guardians Youth Council member Jonathon Reed's spoken word video about his philosophy behind happiness: “Once it’s a verb it’s not a mystery...."

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