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OUR BLOG Read stories by and about Earth Guardians at work worldwide. Earth Guardians are youth leaders using their voices, hearts, and minds, to take meaningful action for our planet. You’ll find these stories inspiration for getting involved at any age.


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STARTING A CREW Crews are youth-led, inter-generational groups of impassioned leaders taking action for a healthy, just and sustainable future. They are the heartbeat of Earth Guardians, because real, sustainable and organic change doesn't come from the top-down, rather it comes from widespread cultural shifts inspired by dedicated individuals leading the way.

HOW TO ENGAGE As Earth Guardians continues to grow globally, we support young people as they confidently step up to lead projects, campaigns and collective actions. It is our commitment to provide a network of support and community, connecting young people with mentors, opportunities and each other.

PROTECT OUR FUTURE CAMPAIGNS This campaign is providing an opportunity for young people around the world to learn about how environmental issues affect communities differently; but in the end, we are all connected. We all share the same Earth, Water, Air and Climate, and it is time for us to stand together to protect our earth.

50 SIMPLE THINGS We’ve been recognized publicly for this comprehensive yet accessible little list. Pretty soon we’ll be launching a campaign that incentivizes folks to collectively commit to taking on one of these items for a week straight. Our goal is to track the carbon our global tribe is cutting. Meanwhile, scope out the list and get ahead on your carbon cutting practice!

SCHOOL ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT Here are instructions on how to perform an Environmental Audit at your school. Have your teachers work with you and help with our “Tips”. Then, use our “Worksheets” to audit your school!

The Audit Worksheets (waste, energy, water and cleaning products) are for students working in pairs or groups, with some adult assistance.

OUR LESSON PLANS, complemented by artist Shepard Fairey's painting of Earth Guardians Youth Director Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, were created through a partnership with Amplifier. Amplifier is a design lab dedicated to amplifying the voices of social change movements through art and community engagement, bringing We the Future into classrooms across the United States.

MINDFUL CAMPS All too often, we are distracted by stimuli and fail to realize what is going on in the world around us. This simple, yet powerful, exercise is intended to bring your campers awareness into their surrounding environment. Campers will walk away with a better understanding of the intersections of natural and human-made materials at camp.


At Earth Guardians, we take amplifying the voice and leadership of youth seriously. While we work intergenerationally, we honor the power of peer-to-peer connection and support. For that very reason, we have created this unique line of one-of-a-kind 'How to' Guides written by young Earth Guardian solutionaries, plus an amazing Earth Guardian teacher.


How to: Community Organizing For Youth, By Youth LEAD AUTHOR: Marlow Baines 丨National Council Member & Regional Crew Director, Earth Guardians

This doc will help youth plan events that are successful AND impactful. You will learn how to design, plan, and execute a successful event. There will be tips from initial planning phases, to keeping your space safe, and how to make sure people leave with a clear message on why they are there.

How to: Become A Sustainable Fashion Designer LEAD AUTHOR: Maiya McMonagle 丨Youth Ambassador, Earth Guardians

If you are passionate about both fashion and the environment, like me, then learn everything you can about it. Whether you choose commercial, high fashion, haute couture or all three, it's good to have a general knowledge and then start on your craft.

How to Get Your Hands Dirty: Digging Into the Regenerative World of Permaculture LEAD AUTHOR: Sierra Robinson 丨National Council Member, Earth Guardians

This guide is a call to action. It's filled with solutions, accurate, reliable resources, and clear steps you can take in your own community to start using permaculture to implement the change that's needed.

How to support an Earth Guardians Crew in your classroom and school: The Why, What, When, Who, How and more… LEAD AUTHOR: Shana Pearlmutter 丨Educator / Artist, Earth Guardians School Crew Leader

Start an Earth Guardian Crew for the 7 generations to come. Better yet, start it for your students who are living and breathing on the planet now. The most defeating feeling any child can feel is that their contributions are not valued, important or even necessary.

How to: Rid Your Campus of Plastic Water Bottles LEAD AUTHOR: Jackson Hinkle 丨National Council Member, Earth Guardians

Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles and, at our current rate, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by the year 2050. My classmates and I decided to rid our school district of plastic water bottles because we recognized the importance of standing up for our environment.

Partner Resources

The People’s Platform for a Liveable Future serves as a core of demands and goals of what the world needs to look like in order for our people to survive. Written and created by our Regional Director, Fernando Crespo.