Our Mission:


We inspire and train diverse youth to be effective leaders in the environmental, climate and social justice movements. Through the power of art, music, storytelling, civic engagement, and legal action, we’re creating impactful solutions to some of the most critical issues we face as a global community.  

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Many young people are feeling hopeless about the state of the planet they are inheriting. Earth Guardians offers youth the tools, training and resources to turn their hopelessness into concrete effective action to make a positive difference.


Our Impact

With thousands of engaged youth on six continents, Earth Guardians has given youth a voice and direction worldwide in order to become effective leaders and make measurable change in their communities. Earth Guardians is developing the resources to build a stronger collaborative network and cultivate this large wave of youth engagement.


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Earth Guardians Crews, ranging from ten to several hundred young people per crew, have implemented thousands of campaigns and  projects that have ignited real-time change.


These on-the-ground Crews represent the heart and soul of the organization. They are the young activists, artists, and musicians that are on the front lines driving action and fueling the cultural shift toward a regenerative future.  

2018 Earth guardians achievements

• Grown from 20 to 264 on the ground Earth Guardian youth crews creating tangible change within their communities, located in 50 countries in the past 3 years

•  A total of 53 MILLION people reached (FB followers, YouTube views, Instagram, Twitter, and mainstream media) 

• Developed the cutting-edge app called "EarthTracks" (think FitBit for the Planet) that launched into 20,000 classrooms (representing 500,000 students) in summer of 2019 along with Earth Guardian lesson plans, and peer-to-peer action guides

 • Granted $30K to Crews in 2018 with a goal of tripling that amount in 2019 and 2020

• Earth Guardians is THE only organizational plaintiff in the landmark constitutional climate lawsuit, called Juliana v. U.S. and though the hearing was postponed they gathered and organized marches across the country

 • Launched Operations Earth Guardians, Direct Action Team of youth leaders, who are transforming frontline action by introducing sustainable alternatives, documenting their own personal growth and that of other youth leaders on the frontlines; while also normalizing and encouraging the youth presence in nonviolent direct action globally.

 •  Earth Guardians - Mexico expanded to different states of the Mexican Republic 1.-Earth Guardians Tamaulipas 2.-Earth Guardians San Luis Potosi 3.-Earth Guardians Michoacán 4.- Earth Guardians Morelia 5 .- Earth Guardians Tijuana 6.-Earth Guardians Queretaro 7.-Earth Guardians State of Mexico

 •  Our Earth Guardians Regional Director from Mexico also launched crews in Peru, France and Canada 

 • Earth Guardians India reached 5,000 youths and 10,000 women through different peace and human rights education. Also, 4000 trees were planted in schools and villages, as well as a mangroves forest in Chilika lagoon areas, and reached more than 5,000 young students with climate change education 

Earth Guardians Africa has received official recognition by the Togenese government and grown from 7 countries to 18 African countries in 2018. They are on target to become the first Earth Guardian Continent by end of 2020. Working with very little funding, they have brought communities together to plant over 40,000 trees and educate 4,000 Youth Climate Ambassadors.

 • Earth Guardians Bhutan are working with students to educate them on environmental issues. They initiated a cleaning program on a college campus, starting where they are to instill a sense of pride and clean up their own grounds. They continue to raise awareness through publishing monthly articles and planning community campus actions.

 • Earth Guardians Pembroke Pines, located in Florida, are working hard at the micro level, teaching friends and families about dietary changes that use fewer environmental resources while increasing personal health and energy, how to reduce plastic consumption and how to use passions, such as music, to bring community together in uplifting ways. Role modeling is one of the most powerful things each of us, anywhere and any age, can do to make a positive difference in our rapidly changing world. 

• The Earth Guardians International Council made a splash in their first official year as a council. From their respective corners of the world, they mobilized to launch the digital 'ExSTRAWdinary Art Exhibition' to raise awareness about the ocean plastic pollution epidemic, specifically focusing on single-use plastic straws. We are extremely proud of them for their dedication and success, bringing artists from 14 countries together to address this global issue.

• We began developing our first Indigenous Youth Leadership Training, for Native by Native, focused on Environmental Justice and Decolonization, that took place in June 2019 in partnership with IEN, AIM, and IIYC. 

• We took 8 of our Earth Guardians youth to the Zero Hour Climate March where we petitioned senators to sign the Sunrise Movement petition to refuse campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry.

• We ran a national We Rise, We Vote campaign, encouraging younger generations to vote in the 2018 Mid-term elections in partnership with Rock the Vote, Headcount, ACE, Do Something, and Unifyre.



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