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Igniting a generation: A kid Warrior's call to action

Change is coming. We are rising with the oceans. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is not your average teenager. As Youth Director of the nonprofit Earth Guardians, Xiuhtezcatl (pronounced shoe-tez-cat) is leading an army of teens in over 50 countries to demand sustainable policy from our world leaders. Through his work on the front lines of the climate change movement, he is assembling a teen army to the save the planet. Check out his adventure in Paris during the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP21) to see how youth are making an impact in the world. How can you get involved? Share this video. Create an Earth Guardian crew in your home town. Donate to support Earth Guardian's mission around the world. Join Us. Share. Donate. 

Take action today for Flint, Michigan 

Chlorides from industrial use contaminate Flint residents' water source

Residents of Flint, Michigan, a predominantly black community, have been receiving their water from the contaminated Flint River for more than a year. Heavy industrial use and poor environmental standards have caused the drinking water to be heavily polluted with chlorides and heavy metals, including lead levels 820 times higher than levels considered high enough to trigger negative health responses.

Send a message to Flint Mayor Dayne Walling and Flint City Council to ask them to reconnect Flint residents to Detroit's water source to ensure that they have access to clean, safe water.

Earth Guardians recently shared an article on Why the Flint Water Crisis Happened. The decision by Detroit's emergency manager to cut Flint off from Detroit's municipal water source before the city was able to complete new water infrastructure is the cause of many awful illnesses and side effects suffered by Flint residents, as poor residents are unable to afford buying water or are unable to do so. This is an economic and racial issue just as much as it is an environmental disaster. The State of Michigan, which has jurisdiction over this issue, knew about the contamination and supplied its own government employees with drinking water without addressing the larger health disaster.

Xiuhtezcatl delivers a message to 190 world leaders of the United Nations General Assembly during the UN High-level Event on Climate Change in New York. It's time to RYSE up and demand action on climate change.

The planet doesn't need saving. We do. Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez is not your average 14 year old. He is mobilizing his army of teens in over 50 countries to demand greener policy from world leaders. Learn how you can help spread his message. 


RYSE is activating the youth-led climate movement. Our mission is to empower and elevate the voices of a rising generation of climate solutionaries.

With 15 amazing youth leaders, we are setting out to train and empower thousands of young leaders in the climate justice movement.

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