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BREAKING: 21 Youth file federal lawsuit to protect climate and future generations

Twenty-one youth activists from the United States, along with climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, filed a landmark federal lawsuit against the President and the U.S. Government on behalf of all future generations. Their case challenges the government's continued extraction, transportation, export, and combustion of fossil fuels, despite knowledge that those activities gravely harm the future of our youth today and those of future generations.

The lawsuit was presented by the nonprofit organization Our Children's Trust.

For more information, please view the press release.

Xiuhtezcatl delivers a message to 190 world leaders of the United Nations General Assembly during the UN High-level Event on Climate Change in New York. It's time to RYSE up and demand action on climate change.

The planet doesn't need saving. We do. Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez is not your average 14 year old. Dubbed the ‘Anti-Beiber', he is mobilizing his army of teens in 25 countries to demand greener policy from our world’s leaders.


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RYSE is activating the youth-led climate movement. Our mission is to empower and elevate the voices of a rising generation of climate solutionaries. 
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Itzcuauhtli went on a 45-day silence strike to inspire you to take action against climate change. Sign the pledge to be a Climate Leader in your community.
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