Environmental Lawsuits

Earth Guardians and 21 Youth are Suing the federal government over climate change

#YouthVGov: Juliana v. United States of America

Our Future is at Stake

Earth Guardians and 21 youth are plaintiffs in Juliana v. United States of America, a.k.a the #YouthVGov lawsuit. We're holding the federal government accountable for putting our future at risk and refusing to act on climate change.

Our partner organization Our Children's Trust provides invaluable support and advocacy in this case.  We're fighting for our right to a healthy future - and that of future generations. And we've been called our best hope

We're Not Alone


Earth Guardians Youth Leaders

Plaintiffs include leaders from Earth Guardians Crews from around the United States. In addition to exercising their legal options, these kids are committed to projects locally to offset carbon and educate others.  We can all follow their example, make mindful choices in our daily lives, and get involved in our own communities for a brighter future. 

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for the future of our youth, We're all in this together