Victoria Barrett (New York, USA)

Via the Alliance for Climate Education

Via the Alliance for Climate Education

New Yorker Victoria Barrett participated in the COP21 United Nations climate summit in Paris on behalf of the Alliance for Climate Education. She is a plaintiff in the lawsuit brought by Our Children's Trust against the United States government for failing to act to protect our climate for future generations. She has spoken to media outlets and the general public on the importance of protecting our climate in the pursuit of social justice.

Through her activism, Victoria has marched in solidarity with more than 400,000 people at the People’s Climate March in New York City, traveled to Paris to attend and speak at the COP 21 UN Conference on Climate Change, organized her peers in local frontline climate campaigns, met with the Minister of Environment and Energy for the Maldives, and met with former U.S. astronaut, Kathryn D. Sullivan, who now serves as the Administrator for NOAA. Most recently, she addressed the United Nations General Body on Earth Day, including more than 150 heads of state, before the formal signing of the Paris Agreement. She cares deeply about climate change, justice, and human rights, especially regarding the ways climate change affects young people like her.

Victoria enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments including guitar and cello, and enjoys the hobbies of filmmaking and photography.

Victoria in Action