ryse: the vision 

The Earth Guardians Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth (RYSE) Councils are national and international youth-led groups of solutionaries who are empowering future generations of leaders to fight for their futures over the fossil fuel industry and other extractive industries that perpetuate the climate crisis and endanger lives. We are coming together to reimagine, develop solutions, educate and use our passions to address the defining social, environmental and climate justice issues of our time.

As members of the RYSE Youth Council, we are proving that young people are stepping up as leaders and empowering an entire generation to take action. Some of the main ways include starting solution based crews, learning together through training, taking legal action to centralize the youth voice in positions of power, and crafting strategic nonviolent direct action campaigns to win dignity and respect for our generation and for generations to come. We are a network of independent thinkers, solutionaries, and artists who are joining forces to bring about the culture shift we know is possible. With our futures at stake, we are coming together to #RYSEup to the challenge of our time. Join us!

How ryse works


In both, 2015 and 2016, the impressive young leaders who made up the RYSE Youth Council attended 4 days of workshops and trainings to support their work as young leaders in their communities.  Both trainings were facilitated by a democratic, front lines, action-oriented team of organizers and facilitators. Recognizing times of crisis as vital opportunities for improving life on earth they fuse political education, skills training, group development, and direct organizing. 

Day 1 of these trainings focus on analysis of key issues, organizing, and leadership strategy.

Day 2 is dedicated to collaboratively crafting a plan for climate solutions using innovative facilitation techniques to implement in their communities. 


Youth Council Leaders are strategizing to collectively carry out and lead organized national actions. These powerful, unified actions will mobilize and inspire participants in addition to continuing the momentum of the movement.


In Summer of 2016, RYSE Youth Council Leaders across the country will put their new skills to use and organize local trainings and events within their communities. 


Time to RYSE! Leaders and communities will put their climate solutions into action. Shovels will be in soil planting trees and gardens, solar panels will cover school rooftops, and new solar-powered lights will line park sidewalks. We anticipate ingenuity and never-before-seen solutions. Youth leaders will discover the creative, collaborative leaders within. With the tools and connections from RYSE, youth will recognize themselves as leaders, catalysts for change and a part of our greater global community.


RYSE Summer Training 2017

18 young people on the RYSE Youth Council will be convening in Mora Mora, New Mexico from July 23rd through July 29th at the beautiful 500-acre Hummingbird Ranch, a retreat center nestled in a valley among the Aspens, Cottonwoods, and Ponderosa Pines in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico. Hummingbird calls to those who desire to serve humanity’s collective awakening while realizing their own true nature.  At Hummingbird, all of our daily activities, exchanges with nature, relationships, and inward focus are seen as a spiritual practice. 

The summer training is a touchstone of the RYSE Youth Council program.  This year, it is an intensive week-long training focused in skills building, discovering our niche in the youth climate movement as RYSE, and building our strategy and next steps moving forward.

At this training, youth will be joined and trained by world renowned trainers:

The training coordinator is Michaela Mujica-Steiner.  She is accessible at her work email: michaela@earthguardians.org. She is being supported by an amazing Training Support Team: Daniel Jubelirer (former RYSE Council member), Morgan Curtis (Spiritual Ecology Fellow and Digital Storyteller at Our Children's Trust), Niria Garcia (RYSE International Youth Council member), Aidan Ferris (Earth Guardians Protect Our Future Campaign Coordinator, former Youth Council Member), and (very potentially) Jess Grady-Benson (former Training Director at the Divestment Student Network, Brower Youth Awards 2015 winner).    

You can support this critical training by donating to the RYSE Summer Training Crowdfunder here. Any support helps and we appreciate your support, hope and investment in this generation as we #RYSEUP to address one of the greatest challenges of our time!

The national RYSE Youth Council

The National RYSE Youth Council is a group made up of 21 national youth leaders, ages 15-22, from across the nation. RYSE first launched in March of 2015, and has evolved since then, to further develop young people's skills as organizers, facilitators, and community leaders. In collaboration, the RYSE Youth Council members act as key decision makers for the RYSE movement in helping to shape national Earth Guardians actions and campaigns.

The International RYSE Youth Council

The International Youth Council is a small group of leaders from around the world that focuses specifically on how to build international solidarity, take action together, and build meaningful relationships across cultures. Together, this group of young people is building bridges across borders to create a just and sustainable world for generations to come. This global leadership core also plays a role in decision-making around global actions and campaigns that Earth Guardians takes on and supports in thinking through international strategy for Earth Guardians' work.


The RYSE Wisdom Council has 22 seasoned leaders and activists from diverse cultural, geographic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

With experience in social justice, movement-building and climate solutions, this multifaceted council is supporting the youth-led shift through mentorship, training, and partnership toward a healthy, just, and sustainable planet.

RYSE Youth Training - April 2015, NY

In March 2015, the Earth Guardians RYSE Youth Council attended a four-day training and workshop facilitated by the Wildfire Project to learn how to organize and empower youth in climate action. These Youth Council members then returned to their communities to organize solution activation trainings!