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"My name is Itzcuauhtli (Eat-Squat-Lee) and I am a 12-year-old indigenous eco hip-hop activist with the Earth Guardians. Over the past year I've learned more about the urgency of our climate crisis and I worry about the kind of world my generation will be left with if we don't cap carbon emissions and switch to clean, safe, renewable energy.  

I have been traveling for months to perform at climate change and environmental conferences across the US. At these conferences I've been listening to some of the top experts and scientists talking about the fact that it's game over for the planet if carbon is not capped in the next year. We have already reached a tipping point and are feeling the impacts of climate change across the planet.  Oceans are acidifying, eco systems are collapsing, and we are seeing bigger storms and disasters across the planet, displacing people and destroying homes. We are in the midst of the greatest mass extinction since the dinosaur age.


I have been hearing the facts for years, but this time was different. Some of my heroes like Van Jones, Bill Mckibben, David Orr, and James Hansen are saying that we are at a crossroads and have to act NOW!


I was sitting in the Newark Airport after performing at the Omega Conference with my family getting ready to return to Colorado and I thought, what does it matter anyway if I go to school or go to college and learn all this stuff, if there is not going to be a world worth living in?  A world where there will be more and more climate refugees from rising sea levels and people suffering from droughts and floods and famine.  That's when I thought, I have to do something drastic to change the outcome of our future. What can I do as one person to help change the direction we are headed?


I decided to take a vow of silence to inspire all of you to speak up for future generations.
On October 27 of 2014, I started a 45-day silence strike for climate action. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. 


What came next gave me hope:

People from all over the world joined in by signing the pledge to be a climate leader and posting pics wearing green wristbands in solidarity. And thousands joined me in a talking strike on December 10, 2014.


This is a critical time in the global climate movement.

COP21 led to the signing of an agreement, on Earth Day. but we are clearly not even close to where we need to be. We need everyone to take action in their own lives and in their communities. 


Real leadership must come from us right now.

Sign the Pledge to join the global movement for a healthy and sustainable planet for us and future generations. Wear a green wristband in solidarity with this pledge and post photos using the hashtag #SilenceIntoAction

My big bro Xiuhtezcatl and I personally delivered this pledge with thousands of names on it to Ban Ki-moon and other world leaders at the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris in December of 2015. We continue to keep the pledge going as more and more people, of all ages step up to be climate leaders. 

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