Earth Guardians is nurturing partnerships with incredible like-minded organizations to more effectively achieve our common missions to protect our future. If there is one thing that came out of COP21 in Paris, it is the recognition that we must coalesce for the regeneration of this planet and everyone on it! 

Our Children's Trust elevates the voice of youth to secure the legal right to a stable climate and healthy atmosphere for the benefit of all present and future generations. Currently, OCT is supporting 21 young people who have filed a lawsuit against the federal government for its failure to act on climate change and protect future generations. The lawsuit, which will continue despite appeals by oil and gas companies, features five Earth Guardians RYSE Youth Council members amongst the 21 youth plaintiffs. Earth Guardians is working closely with this incredible organization to support young people in taking legal action across the country and beyond. There are Earth Guardian plaintiffs on legal cases in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Washington. 

Honor the Earth is a Native-led organization, established by Earth Guardians Wisdom Council Member and longtime mentor and supporter Winona LaDuke, along with and Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls. As a unique national Native initiative, Honor the Earth works to a) raise public awareness and b) raise and direct funds to grassroots Native environmental groups. The only Native organization that provides both financial support and organizing support to Native environmental initiatives. This model is based on strategic analysis of what is needed to forge change in Indian country, and it is based deep in our communities, histories, and long-term struggles to protect the earth. Both Winona and Honor The Earth's support of Earth Guardians have been  blessings to our growth as an organization and ourselves. 

For three consecutive years, the Earth Guardians have presented at the annual Bioneers national convention in San Rafael, California, performing Earth Guardians music and conducting Youth Trainings. Earth Guardian leaders from the Bay Area also hosted several events in the youth leadership tent. Earth Guardians and Bioneers will continue to collaborate to support youth leadership as both organizations grow and expand together. Be sure to register for this year's conference!

IDEAS for Us has joined the Earth Guardian network to strengthen our global network of Crews. IDEAS for Us is comprised of a large network of more than 20,000 solutions-minded individuals working to combat climate change on all levels. Together, Earth Guardians and IDEAS for Us will support a growing, thriving network of leaders by amplifying their voice and empowering them through skills trainings conducted around the world. Currently, Ideas for Us and Earth Guardians are collaborating on a Climate Leaders Handbook that will further solidify this amazing relationship!

Frack Free CO is a collaborative, grass roots movement that works to raise awareness about the dangers of fracking and enlighten Coloradans on ways that we can accelerate our move to renewable energy and sustainable living today. Frack Free CO is a people's movement that consists of concerned citizens, companies like Patagonia, and organizations including Erie Rising, East Boulder County United, Our Broomfield, Citizens for a Healthy Fort Collins, Artists Against Fracking, Food and Water Watch, eTown, Rock the Earth, Earth Guardians, The Mother's Project, Boulderites Ban Fracking, Angel Organic, Fractivist, Frack Free Boulder and Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center.

Hannah4Change was founded by award-winning Georgia resident Hannah Testa to fight for issues that affect our world and all of its animals. Hannah is a youth honors student who is passionate about animals and environmental issues that have an impact on wildlife. Hannah has presented to thousands of adults and children - as well as to Georgia’s Governor - on plastic pollution and practical ways residents can reduce their “plastic footprint”. She believes that knowledge is power, and that through education and awareness, she can affect positive change. 

Catskill Mountainkeeper works to protect the Catskill region’s pristine wild areas and open spaces from threats ranging from fracking to outsized development projects and the invasion of dirty and dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure, while building ecotourism, supporting farmers, and standing behind local businesses to support local communities in building a stronger sustainable economic future. Without their support, mentorship and guidance, the New York Earth Guardians Crew wouldn't be rockin' it as hard as they are! We are so appreciative of everything they bring to the movement!  


The Women's Earth & Climate Action Network is a solution-based, multi-faceted effort established to engage women worldwide to take action as powerful stakeholders in climate change and sustainability solutions.  WECAN was founded by Earth Guardians Wisdom Council member, Osprey Orielle Lake — a leader in fostering local action for global regeneration.

The Global Lead Channel promotes education, advocacy and activism to encourage and create positive social and environmental changes. Their mission is to "provide our global audience with the necessary knowledge and tools to actively engage and to realize the importance of their support, their signature, and their voice."

One Percent for the Planet represents an efficient and powerful way for your dollars to have a direct, positive impact on our planet. They are defying conventional philanthropy by leveraging members' dollars through innovative programs focused on driving maximum environmental impact.

The individuals and business members that make up One Percent for the Planet are creating a movement that inspires giving and sets new standards for how people take responsibility for our planet.

Their goal is to create environmental awareness through Fashion. House of Maiya was established as a brand in 2013 by (then) ten-year-old fashion designer who wanted to follow her passion and address concerns within the fashion and textiles industry, relating to the environmental and social impacts of disposable clothing. Despite being a relatively easy waste stream to recycle, an estimated 93% of all textile waste in Ireland is sent to landfill, producing detrimental environmental effects. By reusing and recycling textiles, we can reduce these effects and the need for landfill. House of Maiya aims to change the way we as a society view recycled clothing, behave as consumers and manage textile waste.


Cal Con Con represents California's pledge to protect People and Planet. We aim to amend the US Constitution to include the Rights of Nature for the first time. We are also working to protect Civil Rights and Freedoms in US Constitution so that we can live according to the principles of peaceful co-existence. Our initiative celebrates the dignity of life and wishes to restore and protect the delicate relationships inherent within it.



Imagine a reforestation revolution ignited by the shared creativity and courage of a global network of millions of women. TreeSisters is a non-profit organization aiming to radically accelerate tropical reforestation by engaging the unique feminine consciousness, gifts and leadership of women everywhere and focusing it towards global action. TreeSisters are planting over a million trees a year, and they are now calling for women to plant a billion trees a year, by becoming a treesister and contributing monthly to tropical reforestation.