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We are a global community of young warriors and mentors who are tired of waiting for others to lead us into a sustainable future.

Collectively, we are stepping up as leaders and taking responsibility for creating the future we want. And we're doing it in a way that works: Positively, creatively and collaboratively. 


50 simple things

Earth Guardians has been recognized publicly for this comprehensive yet accessible little list.

We’ll be launching a campaign that incentivizes folks to collectively commit to taking on one of these items for a week straight. Our goal is to track the carbon our global tribe is cutting. Meanwhile, scope out the list and get a head start on your carbon-cutting practice ;)

earthtracks app

Our new EarthTracks app launch is just around the corner! The free app acts like a fitness tracker for the planet, aggregating data about our personal and collective impact while connecting Earth Guardians’ global community of 100’s of thousands of youth and 250+ Earth Guardian Crews worldwide.


We The Future School Lesson Plans, Camp Guides, Regional Youth Trainings, How-To Guides, and

federal lawsuit

Earth Guardians and 21 youth are plaintiffs in Juliana v. United States of America, a.k.a the #YouthVGov lawsuit. We're holding the federal government accountable for putting our future at risk and refusing to act on climate change.

Our partner organization Our Children's Trust provides invaluable support and advocacy in this case.  We're fighting for our right to a healthy future - and that of future generations. And we've been called our best hope