Our Impact

Earth Guardians began teaching youth about the involvement in political action and activism, working to stop the spraying of pesticides in public parks, establishing an environmental fee on plastic bags, advocating for municipalizing Boulder's energy grid, and helping to achieve a moratorium on fracking. Earth Guardians received a great deal of press and attention for local actions, allowing the organization to expand into national and international work.

Now with thousands of engaged youth on six continents, Earth Guardians has given youth a voice and direction worldwide in order to become effective leaders and make measurable change in their communities. Earth Guardians is developing the resources to build a stronger collaborative network and cultivate this large wave of youth engagement.



active crews worldwide

Crews are youth-led, intergenerational groups of impassioned leaders taking action for a healthy, just and abundant future. They are the heartbeat of Earth Guardians.


thousand trees planted

By Earth Guardians Crews across India, Africa, Mexico and the U.S.


million children Impacted

An estimated 500,000 youth who are engaged by Earth Guardians through its social media channels and campaigns such as youth voter registration, school Climate Action Lesson Plans, and calls to action.