Mercy Carpenter (New York, USA)


Mercy Carpenter is a 19-year-old black and indigenous woman from Brooklyn, New York. Carpenter’s activism career started at the Children’s Theater Company, where she learned about word peacemakers and performed in plays with social justice themes. She is a trained peer educator for the Center for Anti-Violence Education, where she has also taken self-defense classes since 2002. Her past work in anti-violence education includes helping organize a street harassment summit with the Coalition for Gender Equity in Schools, and assisting in launching an online LGBTQ youth self-defense tool kit. She continues to teach self-defense classes all over New York City.

Combining her passions for climate justice, social justice, and creative arts, Mercy has worked with various organizations that focus around art-centric activism. Among those organizations are Groundswell, a nonprofit organization that facilitates mural projects designed and painted by underrepresented groups, and the Willie Mae Rock Camp, where Mercy served as a Fellow and developed and taught an art & social justice curriculum to girls ages 8-18. Presently she is a member of an all-female, Afro-Brazilian drum troupe.

Mercy received a place at a summer leadership retreat hosted by Generation Waking Up, a global campaign to ignite a generation of young people to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable and socially just world. She has worked with the Brooklyn Foundation to gather information on the effects of rapid gentrification by leading discussions in local communities. 

A student at Antioch College, Mercy participates in campus organizing. Mercy has lead a walkout and protest in solidarity with Mizzou. She has also worked with  people of color group on campus that drafted up demands, currently being reviewed by the institution. Mercy also helped organize an action for Flint through her school and has supported organizers based in Flint through water donations and performance act-based actions in Ohio to raise awareness,

Mercy continues to use art in order to inspire healing and justice. 

Mercy at work