Liveable Future

The People’s Platform for a Liveable Future serves as a core of demands and goals of what the world needs to look like in order for our people to survive. It was crafted by young people, those who will be inheriting our planet, from over 40 countries around the world, including indigenous activists, Pacific islanders, elected officials, scientists, academics and a multitude of leaders from the global movement of students striking from school for climate action. The final document is a global set of eight core goals and a set of demands on how to fulfill these goals.

It is a blueprint for the future we, as young people, want to inhabit, a future that is liveable, green, fair and prosperous. We hope the People’s Platform for a Liveable Future serves as an effective tool to create global change through grassroots, local, regional and international action. We call on movements and people, from all ages and backgrounds, to join us in securing a liveable future for everyone.