Organizing towards a sustainable future

We are creating a Climate Leader Handbook in collaboration with IDEAS For Us to show young leaders how to create climate solutions in their communities. These resources will empower young people like never before to implement projects like renewable energy, energy efficiency, divestment, and carbon sequestration through soil building. We believe this grassroots model of young people implementing change in their communities will accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels and transform what we view as possible.

Earth Day Teaser


Our first installment of the handbook, which you'll be able to have a sneak peek of, is all about food, ecology, and soil. Building healthy soil and growing organic food feeds people more efficiently, provides jobs, and helps take carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soil - where it goes from a problem to a benefit. Since the dawn of industrial agriculture and mining, our planet has lost nearly 50% of the carbon stored in the soil. In this release, you will get a glimpse of some of the techniques used to put carbon back in the soil, feed our communities, and create local resilience. In addition, we'll provide tools to get you started on building your own Earth Guardians crew and be effective organizers in the climate justice movement.

Want the full handbook?

Sign up to be an Earth Guardian and we will send you the first chapters of the Climate Leaders Handbook as they are released. We will also provide you with a welcome packet that offers tips and strategies to getting started on working on important issues to your community.