Crew Spotlight: Earth Guardians Ocean Township, NJ


The Ocean Township Crew started within the last school year, and since then, it's members have gathered students from the Science Club to donate trash items to be upcycled into a beautiful display that is found at the entrance of their school. The goal of this project was to promote recycling and upcycling to make what would have gone into the garbage into a creative work of art.  

For Earth Day, their Crew members came together to create a fun, impactful, and educational booth. They had students from the elementary school as well as the high school and loved engaging with students of all ages. They made posters to explain climate change and it's effects and ways for individuals to reduce their contribution to the problem. Two computers displayed the Ecological Footprint Calculator from the Earth Guardians website, and they were amazed at how many people were shocked by the results. Many of them had the realization that they have to make a change. They gave each student an opportunity to begin that change by providing biodegradable ice cream cones which they instructed to fill with dirt, flower seeds, and water. Once the Earth Day celebration came to an end, a few members of the Crew joined forces with the Garden Club to get the flowers planted and growing! 

Lily Lemire