Bridges USA National Youth Action Summit & Earth Guardians Are Joining Forces

Earth Guardians is thrilled to join forces with Bridges USA and their inaugural National Youth Action Summit where diverse, young change-makers gather to connect, collaborate and create the future we know is possible.


Now more than ever, it is critical we stand together. Currently, Earth Guardians movement of young environmental and climate activists is emerging in more than 40 countries. Hundreds of Earth Guardian Crews are impacting their communities with pivotal projects such as drinking-water well construction in Africa, river clean-up in Asia, air quality monitoring in India, and planting neighborhood gardens in the U.S.


Thousands of Earth Guardians Crew members, worldwide, are raising awareness of the power of youth through direct action, art, music, community building, and leadership, to address environmental and climate crises. The urgency in supporting these young people in their commitment to shift the tide is at its peak!

Youth contribute fresh perspectives, largely uninhibited by constricting paradigms - and Earth Guardians has over 25 years of experience welcoming and mobilizing youth as they rise up on behalf of their generation and the generations to come.

We look forward to continued work with Bridges USA and their National Youth Action Summit, stewarding the necessary relationships and resources our youth deserve as they step into leadership and into the future.

Tamara Roske