Crew Spotlight: Earth Guardians Udine, Italy

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Aran is a 16-year-old from Udine, Italy that just recently started an Earth Guardians Crew, but has been active in his community since 2016 trying to protect the Alberone torrent from an unsustainable hydroelectric power station.

The torrent is part of 2% of Italian waterways in conditions of high naturalness, demonstrated by the presence of freshwater (native) shrimp, protected by the European Union because it is at risk of extinction. Together with the "Amici del Torrente Alberone" committee, he managed to collect a thousand signatures in the petition in defence of the torrent. The stretch of torrent affected by the control unit project would be in the municipality of Savogna, in the province of Udine. He says the work would end up breaking the magic of an uncontaminated nature.

Last winter, they managed to get the project closed, but the San Dorligo della Valle company did not give up and filed a request again in January of this year for the environmental impact assessment procedure. The battle is not over and Aran and his Crew do not intend to give up this fight.

Follow their FB page to keep up with the work this passionate Crew will be doing!

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Lily Lemire