Protect Our Future: Protect Our Climate, Winter 2018

Earth Guardians Protect Our Future Seasonal Campaigns

It's January and we’re gearing up for our seasonal Protect our Future (POF) campaign: Protect Our Climate. Protect Our Future is an opportunity for Earth Guardians worldwide to collaborate in unified action. By working together globally with a common vision to protect the planet, we have the power to create systemic profound change in our own local communities.


POF has four themes throughout the year based on the season, which last three months each:  Earth, Water, Air and Climate.

Protect Our Climate: Winter Film Festival

As the earth continues to revolve around the sun, it's the winter season here in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. It is traditional amongst many of the native tribes of North America to use the winter as a time for telling stories and passing wisdom from the elders to the younger generations. Taking from this inspiration, we encourage you and your Crew to put on a Film Festival in your community focused on the climate, our seasonal POF theme! 

Get cozy with friends and family or plan a bigger Film Festival with your communities or Crews. Watch inspirational and educational films about the environment, the climate movement, and climate change. 


Your Film Festival can be as big or as small as you desire - ranging from an intimate gathering in your living room to an after school event to renting out a local theater for a night and inviting the whole village! It is totally up to you how you want to dream up your gathering. As for the evening itself, you might decide to show one or two full length films, a number of shorter films, or a combination of both. Read on for our list of possible films but this is by no means all the films out there. Choose more recent films if possible because they will be more up to date with science and today’s current global climate situation. Have fun picking the films that touch you and light you up inside.  

Education and Inspiration

Education is a critical step in being the change we seek. It was Leonardo DiCaprio's film The 11th Hour that changed Earth Guardians Youth Director Xiuhtezcatl Martinez’s life at age 6. It put him on the path of being a leader and voice for the climate justice movement and Mother Earth. You never know the impact one film can have on one heart. Inspiration can be the spark that sets fire to a mission of service. And watching films with friends is just fun!


How We Can Support Your Project

As you plan your Film Festival event, decide what films to show and food to serve (if you choose to do so), and get the word out to your community, have fun! If you need a little financial support to make your Film Festival happen, we are offering small grants to help. Earth Guardians has ten grants of up to $100 each, to help support your campaign this season! We are also happy to support you in other ways you might need when creating your event, so feel free to write me if you have any questions while planning.

And of course, as with all of our POF campaigns each season, you can choose to do something totally unique that is more fitting for your local area than a Film Festival. Have fun and be creative. There are so many ways to make an impact. While this project is a chance for our global network to work in unison, we also see the importance of focusing in and creating area-specific projects. In other words, we want to think globally and act locally!

Learn more about other ways you can engage in all seasonal Protect Our Future Campaign throughout the year 

Sign Up to Participate and Keep Us in the Loop

Make sure you register in this season's POF Winter Action. This is very important because it helps us keep track of who is doing what so we can help you throughout the season. Once you have started planning your project or event, please email me the details so we can amplify your voice and let the world know about the positive impact you are making. Please send us a blog post, pictures of your actions, and short videos (two minutes or less) and we will post them to the central Earth Guardian social media pages and website.  It is important to us that we highlight the amazing work Earth Guardians all over the world are doing. 

A Few Films Earth Guardians Recommends

Full Length Feature Films:

 Chasing Ice
I Am
 The Economics of Happiness
 Bag it
Chasing Coral
 Bidder 70
The Island President
 How to Let Go of the World
 Dear Governor Cuomo
 Water Warriors
Age of Consequences
 Age of Stupid
 Split Estate
 Before the Flood
True Cost
Fractured Land
Black Hole
The True Cost
Under the Dome
  The Inconvenient Truth 2: Truth to Power
The 11th Hour
How to Change the World
Ice and the Sky
Oil Sands Karaoke

Short Films:

Unbroken Ground
Dragging 235lbs Uphill
Water Warriors
Canis Lupus
Chocolate Spokes
Methow Headwaters

Tamara Roske