Why we must support Earth Guardians

The biggest fear on the Earth nowadays is about climate change. The legacy we should leave for the future generations is engaged in a dangerous situation. The Earth needs a new way of development, a new vision of production and consumption, a new kind of leadership, and also the ability for young people to take matters into their own hands and shape the future they want. Many times,  Xiuhtezcatl has had to speak to representatives at the UN level in order for the voice of youth and children to be heard.

I met Martinez when I was preparing the national 4th youth and children summit on sustainable development and environment in September 2013. We thought a lot about sustainability and climate, he exposed his vision and objective to bring everyone together for the future we want and create a just and sustainable planet.  I found it very impressive, and decided to engage with them. It was the 3rd of September 2013. After 3 years of friendship and collaboration, we are seeing our dreams become realities.  Even if the road is long and its looking difficult to achieve the objectives and leave a good legacy for the next generation, we have the hope and belief that if everyone contributes to this venture, it will be possible.

During the last three years, many crews were born.  From Netherlands to Peru , from New Zealand to Somalia, young people are involved  with courage, determination, goodwill, and tenacity. The decision to be the Guardians of the Earth means that we will not wait for a legacy but fight for Climate Justice and sustainability now! Thousands of trees have been planted, while marches, conferences and trainings, were hosted to advocate for solutions, raise  awareness and clean up our world in different corners of the planet by these young people with, of course, the support of adults.

The ratification of Paris agreement by two great nation ( China and USA) is a good news for our work during these years and particularly a good sign for the 3rd  anniversary (3rd September) of my collaboration with Earth Guardians.

Now  we need to move forward to engage more young people around the world, create new crews in areas facing problems, and bring forth an energy revolution and positively impact policies everywhere we are. To make this possible, we need your help, we need you to donate to support our actions, change the world, give legacy to the next generation. We need your help to continue the struggle for justice and sustainability!

Please donate and help spread the word, Thanks you!


Earth Guardians Africa Crew Director