A Day in Court

Our day in court was more than we could have ever expected! It was actually mind blowing and during the hearing all of us plaintiffs kept looking back and forth at each other in disbelief and excitement by the questions and comments Judge Aiken posed to the Federal Government and the Fossil Fuel attorneys. 

It was evident that Judge Aiken understands the imminent danger of our planet and the future of all species living on it because of climate change. 

The Federal government tried to argue that they don't need the courts to intervene because the EPA is doing their job - but Judge Ann Aiken called them out, by pointing out that we wouldn't be in this crisis if the EPA was doing their job. Our future hangs in the balance and this court will play a big role in deciding the kind of world we will be left with. 

Judge Aiken will release her decision to move our case forward to trial or not within the next 60 days. We are confident she will decide on behalf of our future, her children and all the children that will inherit the planet.

So everyone is aware we are suing the Federal Government to implement a climate recovery plan that would get our carbon emissions back down to a safe zone of 350 ppm and mass reforestation in the U.S.

Xiuhtezcatl speaking at the press conference after the hearing. Photo credit - Robin Loznak