Earth Day in Bhutan: Trees for the Earth

The incredible youth leaders of Earth Guardians Bhutan planted 200 trees on Earth Day, commemorating people around the world in an act of solidarity. The participants jubilantly planted trees at the College of Natural Resources, covering 1.8 square kilometers with young saplings. These youth have also committed to taking care of these saplings until they are at the stage where they will survive on their own.

During their "Trees for the Earth" event, speeches by Tashi Dendup and the Director General of the College of Natural Resources emphasized the importance of the youth-led movement against climate change across the globe. Earth Guardians Bhutan arranged for fresh snacks without plastic packaging as another way to educate youth on the environmental impact of our lifestyle. To conclude, they listened to the Forest Nation's song as a way to rekindle the Earth-loving creature inside us all!

Earth Guardians Bhutan is participating in our Protect Our Future campaign, which brings together our 900 crews across the globe for four actions per year. This Spring, we are celebrating the importance of our soil with Protect Our Earth. Sign up and get involved!

Enjoy these photos of the day's events: