EG Bhutan Youth Attend Sacred Ceremony with Chief Phil Lane

Members of Earth Guardians Bhutan had the opportunity to meet with Chief Phil Lane, an internationally recognized indigenous leader in human and community development. Youth leaders shared with the Chief how their group pays homage to Mother Earth the ways in which they are engaged in protecting her. The Chief gave these youth the opportunity to share their feelings and the reasons why they stand together. After Earth Guardian youth took a pledge to protect, preserve, and aid the environment in a harmonious way, the Chief offered a beautiful prayer.

Below, EG Bhutan leader Tashi Dorji reflects on the experience:

We were reminded to understand ourselves as one family with his wonderful phrase "hurt of one is hurt of all." He advised us to have faith in this short life and that our soul has no caste, creed, race, or ethnicity. Our Chief shared with us the situation our world faces today and his numerous experiences.

He discussed the importance of the natural atmosphere for our survival and the way we are interrelated with our natural world. He reflected on the grievous issues of smoke from forest fires in his land and water scarcity across the globe

After Chief Phil Lane's presentation, Earth Guardian Bhutan's leaders had an opportunity to share their accomplishments as one of the more recent Earth Guardian crews. In attendance was the advisor to the National Environment Commission in Bhutan. Keeping in mind the most pressing call for the protection of Mother Earth, these incredible young leaders have continued to forge ahead in the spirit of collective work in addressing climate change.

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