Joey Launches Earth Guardians Alabama

Our newest Earth Guardian chapter has just launched in Alabama! Support Joey and her fellow Earth Guardians in Alabama by visiting their Earth Guardians Alabama page. Below, Joey shares with us why she has become an Earth Guardians leader:

A lot of people have asked me why I started doing this. Why I want to be an Earth Guardian. And I honestly think that's a very strange question. If you someone walked in your home and just started taking things would you stop them? Of course you would. Its your home. But somewhere down the line our friends forgot that Earth is everybody's home. We all have to live here. So why wouldn't I try to do the best I can to protect my home and everyone in it? Being an EG for me isn't an option. It's a lifestyle. I want us to be the change we want to see. Everyone thinks that there role isn't important and that the "future" generations can worry about it. We ARE the future generation. And it is ours to worry about it. If we don't start now there will be nothing to look forward to. One day I would like to have a family. But how wrong of me to bring a family into a house that's already under attack? I'm suppose to protect and keep them safe. And that's what I'm doing. By trying to create a more sustainable and just environment, We are protecting the lives of the generations we will never get to meet. But we can rest easy knowing that it is because of us, that there will be future generations. And I want all of us to share in that victory together. As Earth Guardians and as a family.