We Rise, We Vote Call to Action

Are you registered to vote in the next election? Are you excited to use your voice in the upcoming midterm election and beyond? We want to feature YOU in our #WeRiseWeVote social campaign to encourage and support young voters in the U.S. Elections!

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Crew Spotlight: Earth Guardians Ocean Township, NJ

The Ocean Township Crew gave each student an opportunity to do something for the environment by providing biodegradable ice cream cones which they instructed to fill with dirt, flower seeds, and water. Once the Earth Day celebration came to an end, a few members of the Crew joined forces with the Garden Club to get the flowers planted and growing!

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Lily Lemire
Earth Guardians Bhutan Crew

Tashi Dorji, the Regional Crew Director for Bhutan was invited as a guest speaker at Changriphel Lower Secondary School in Thimphu. He talked about why we must respect the trees and how students can help in saving trees in Bhutan.

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Earth Guardians and other #YouthVGov plaintiffs imagined as superheroes by Amplifer

13 Climate Justice Leaders Imagined as Comic Superheroes

The Earth could use some climate-change-fighting superheroes right about now. And according to a new comic series by the nonprofit Amplifier, there are a few real-life ones in our midst.

Thirteen of them, actually.

On Earth Day, April 22, Amplifier released the comic art series #MyClimateHero, portraying leaders of the modern climate justice movement. Amplifier is a Seattle-based art design lab that facilitates art aimed at “amplifying the voices of social change,” Read the full story by Yes! Magazine

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February 5 - We Would #RatherBeInCourt

Due to the Trump administration’s drastic tactics before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to silence the voices of youth and keep science out of the courtroom, the trial will not begin on February 5th, as originally ordered by the District Court.

We are awaiting a decision from the Ninth Circuit on the Trump administration’s drastic attempt to evade trial. But that isn't stopping us from making our voices heard

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Protect Our Future: Protect Our Climate, Winter 2018

It's January and we’re gearing up for our seasonal Protect our Future (POF) campaign: Protect Our Climate. Protect Our Future is an opportunity for Earth Guardians worldwide to collaborate in unified action. By working together globally with a common vision to protect the planet, we have the power to create systemic profound change in our own local communities. Our Protect Our Climate Campaign is throwing Film Festivals around the globe! Read on for info on how to host your own Film Festival.

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Tamara Roske
Earth Guardians Holiday Guide: #ReduceReuseRecycle

Wrapping gifts is a beautiful tradition and brings a little extra festivity to what can be a cold and sometimes gloomy part of the year in the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, conventional gift wrapping also contributes to a massive global carbon footprint every year. We have some ideas for keeping the fun while minimizing the impact on the planet.

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Tamara Roske