Earth guardians salt spring island

"The power of nature is awesome. Be kind to her!"

The Earth Guardians Salt Spring Island (EG-SSI) crew promotes eco-literacy and environmental stewardship among kids by paying attention to Nature’s patterns and learning from Nature’s wisdom. By observing how Nature solves problems, we can create life sustaining systems for a healthy environment and healthy people.

Jan and Arty Mangan, and their grandkids, Galveston and Róisín, were inspired to form an Earth Guardian crew after Jan met Xiuhtezcatl and Itzcuauhtli at the Bioneers Conference in 2014. In 2016, Roísín and Galveston had the opportunity to hang out with Xiuhtezcatl, Itzcuauhtli and their sister Tonantzin as well as with the EGNY crew at the Bioneers conference, where Jan & Galveston, accompanied by violinist extraordinaire, Richard Vagner, performed at the poetry slam hosted by Xiuhtezcatl.

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Water is Life

Water travels in a closed cycle: rain, snow, hail and fog bring moisture to the ground filling our water ways and nourishing plants, animals and people, all of who take in water to live and release water back into the cycle. Our lives depend on the constant movement of water through our environment and through our own bodies.

On a rainy day in the Southern Gulf Islands, first, second and third grade students of the Salt Spring Centre School in British Columbia gathered in an Earth Guardian event to learn about the water cycle, the stewardship of water and water as the source of life.  

Creative, fun and educational activities and games were enjoyed throughout the day; such as an ice breaker, “The Human Knot”, a water circle, a magical water show, identifying each student’s water shed, simulating  and observing water catchments, playing a water cycle game, creating a musical water cycle dance, sheet mulching the trees we planted last year, learning about  and examining the species that live in the neighbour’s [biologist David Denning] pond We ended the wonderful day in a closing circle singing and dancing to the Heron’s  lively water song. We met at the school a week later to show the photos and video we made showing our “Water is Life” event.  The children were thrilled to wear Earth Guardian tee shirts and receive their Earth Guardians Certificate of Climate Leadership.

Water is Life.


Past projects!

Last Spring, EG-SSI produced a carbon workshop with the kindergarten, first, and second grade students from the Salt Spring Centre School. They planted organic fruit trees which will produce food and capture carbon from the atmosphere. The kids identified chloroplasts under a microscope and did the chloroplast dance to understand the magic and power of photosynthesis.

We created a carbon cycle education video from the activities of the day and showed it in the classroom. The classes Skyped with Xiuhtezcatl before the workshop to get inspired and then afterwards with Itzcuauhtli to share the events of the day and to perform their environmental Earth Guardian inspired rap for him.

Pictures below from Bioneers National 2016 Conference. Taken by Jan Mangan.