"This is our wake up call!"

Every day, governments and companies are extracting and burning more and more fossil fuels. With them, the future of our planet is also going up in smoke.

For the last 25 years, the older generations have been negotiating to stop this. Their outcomes: broken promises. World leaders promised to cut CO2 emissions but they have not lived up to their word. Instead, they keep digging and drilling for more coal, oil, and gas.

This is our wake up call! This is our time to RYSE! We cannot wait any longer for these so-called leaders to act. We must lead and know that our actions will speak louder than words.

Earth Guardians is honored to join the International Climate Strike on Monday, November 30th – the first day of the United Nations COP21 climate talks in Paris. Sign up on the form at the bottom of the page to join us!

On that day, one million students around the world will be walking out of classrooms and lunchrooms to participate in climate action for their generation and all those to come.

Why we are walking

  • We are walking out to step up efforts to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

  • We are walking out for an immediate and rapid shift to 100% renewable energy.

  • We are walking out to support and highlight frontline communities who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Join the climate strike:

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Note: It's okay if you don't know yet. We want you to participate at your own comfort level! We will support students who want to get their schools involved as well as students who wish to walkout during non-class times.

What's Next?

Looking for ideas? Check out our action center and browse through activities that you can do on the day of the Climate Strike.