Aidan Ferris (New York, usa)


Aidan, 22, has been working to educate and inspire those around her to take action on climate change since she was 15 years old. She received a degree in Environmental Science at SUNY Ulster County Community College, where she revived the college's environmental club and served as the club's president for two years. She worked on a campaign for her school to adopt environmentally sustainable practices and because of this received the 2015 Presidential Award for Excellence in Student Leadership. 

Aidan's past projects include Project Chicanti - an initiative to buy 100 acres of old growth forest to add to an existing nature reserve on Cerro Chucanti in Panama, and community initiatives to prevent water privatization and Niagara Bottling Company's plans to build a bottling facility using water from local sources.

With the better part of a decade's experience working with children, Aidan is passionate in her mission to teach the future generations how to be caretakers of this earth. With this goal in mind, she co-founded Earth Guardians  NY. Since starting a crew, Aidan has spoken at public hearings and participated in direct actions, bringing the voice of the youth to the table. She seeks to empower youth around the world to use their passions to make a difference locally and globally.  Aidan was a part of the EG COP21 Youth Delegation and has led several workshops with Earth Guardians focusing on climate justice solutions that youth can bring into their communities. As the Global Crew Director she supports crews worldwide and works to create connection and collaboration within the Earth Guardians network.

Aidan in Action