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Do you still suck? Join Lonely Whale and Earth Guardians worldwide to stop sucking and keep straws out of our oceans! Challenge your friends, family and favorite places to #stopsucking! Shout out to Lonely Whale for launching the #stopsucking campaign and inviting Earth Guardians worldwide to be a part of it! #lonelywhale #earthguardians. Please share and stop sucking today!

Protect our future Projects

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Each season, Earth Guardians around the world plan projects to Protect Our Earth, Protect Our Water, Protect Our Air, and Protect Our Climate.  

other Actions You can take

Track Your Carbon Footprint

Many of the activities that we do every day, including eating, showering, brushing our teeth, and driving to school, contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our planet and contributing to climate change. As we take steps to cut our carbon footprints and build a sustainable world, we find it important to know how much carbon we are emitting. Calculate your carbon footprint and track your progress using the trackers below:

The Islandwood Ecological footprint calculator is a quick and simple quiz that gives you an idea of your carbon footprint versus the carbon footprint of an average American citizen.

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The Nature Conservancy's carbon footprint calculator is a more detailed tracker of your household's carbon footprint. This tracker provides you with a breakdown of your carbon footprint in home energy, driving & flying, food & diet, and recycling & waste.

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