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Action: Water


Drinking straw production contributes to petroleum consumption and is filling our oceans with plastic. Because straws are not biodegradable, they become part of global plastic pollution when thrown out - typically after only one use. 500 million straws are used daily in the United States, many of which end up in the oceans (and in the stomachs of aquatic creatures, who mistake them for food).


  • Take on the challenge of going straw-less

  • Ask your local restaurants and shops to go straw-less or have an ask only policy

  • Demand Clean Drinking Water for All - Sign the Petition

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Action: Air



For decades, pollution and its harmful effects on people’s health, the environment, and the planet have been neglected both by Governments and the international development agenda. Yet, pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and death in the world today, responsible for an estimated 9 million premature deaths.”

–The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health


  • Carpool, use public transportation, ride a bike or walk to save on emissions

  • Turn off lights when leaving the room

  • Unplug electronics and appliances

  • Advocate for emission reductions from power plants

  • Sign the Air Quality Standards Petition

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Action: Climate



Carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, is causing the warming of our planet. When there is more carbon pollution in the air, the sun’s energy gets trapped as heat which is causing temperatures to increase at a rapid rate. When the planet gets warmer, more extreme weather events take place: floods, hurricanes, heat waves, fires, and droughts. Not to mention that sea levels are rising, which will cause serious consequences like swallowing islands and greatly populated coastal cities.


  • Recycle

  • Compost food scraps

  • When flying in an airplane, fly during the day because night flights have a bigger impact on climate

  • Seal and insulate your home

  • Reduce water use and don't waste water


Track Your Ecological Footprint

Many of our daily activities, including eating, showering, brushing our teeth, and driving, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our planet and impacting climate change. Know your ecological footprint compared to the average American citizen and track your progress using the Islandwood Ecological Footprint Calculator:

Action: Earth



"Almost half of the Earth’s forest cover has been lost, and an additional 32 million acres are destroyed each year. Our world is facing the greatest extinction crisis since the fall of the dinosaurs. The future of many of Earth’s plants and animals will be determined within the next few decades."

–Rainforest Alliance



  • Stop buying products with palm oil, one of the biggest threats to rainforests. Its use displaces Indigenous peoples and Orangutans from their land, creates massive carbon emissions, and contributes to forced and child labor.

  • Plant a tree or lots of them!

  • Go paperless whenever possible

  • Buy recycled paper products, such as toilet paper

  • Eat vegetarian as often as possible

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