Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of children, youth, parents, schools, and organizations working together on behalf of leaving a better world for future generations. We are committed to being active care-takers of our precious Earth.

Beginning in our own lives and within our own families, we focus on taking responsibility for lowering our Carbon Footprint, so that we are a living example of the values we want to pass on to our families, our schools and our community. By changing our relationship with the Earth and connecting directly with nature, we understand that our every decision is affecting the Earth's ability to support life.

By building a generation of conscientious, inspired individuals who will be our future decisions makers, we are insuring a new way of how the next generation relates to the Earth so they don't make the same mistakes our generation made. The youth have the most to lose from the decisions the generation in charge are making. They also have the most to gain if action to protect the Earth and teach others how, is taken now.

We take these principles out into our community to rally youth and adults around critical issues, seeking to open the hearts of policy-makers with a simple message that helps them realize how their political decisions affect the future of all children, thus encouraging them to become leaders themselves in the areas of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We all need to live as if the future matters!

A bit of history...

Escorted across the country by the Earth Guardians,
the Torch of Hope arrives at the State Capitol in Oklahoma in 1995

Earth Guardians is a project of GAYA - Global Alliance of Youth and Adults in Action, a Colorado nonprofit corporation, federally recognized as a publicly supported charitable organization with a 501(c)(3).


Taking peaceful action is where Earth Guardians excel.  From letter-writing campaigns to rallies, activism has long played a role in changing hearts, minds, and policies around the world. History has provided us with numerous models for successful peaceful activism, from world leaders to local citizens.  There are millions of people, many of whom are youth, who are currently involved in peaceful environmental activism, committed to leaving future generations a better world.

Earth Guardians Rally on behalf of “Smart Regs” requiring home owners to green their homes

Through activism, we not only seek to affect change on a policy level but aim to provide education to youth on the condition of the earth and the impact our own lifestyles have on the kind of world we will leave behind.  We empower youth with a better understanding of the what, why, and how in environmental issues, so that they can take effective action in their homes, schools, and communities. With this knowledge, youth are empowered to take action and make a difference, big or small.

In Boulder, we have organized and participated in letter-writing campaigns, rallies, and spoken in front of the City Council about a number of issues, including city policies on pesticides/herbicides and renewable energy, with very satisfying and inspiring results!  To help the city continue to keep its parks chemical-free, we have adopted the Foothills Community Park and meet monthly for a community weeding party.

We are also gearing up to rally 10,000 Colorado youth against global warming in the "iMatter March," a project of Kids-vs-Global-Warming, on May 14th of 2011, at Civic Center Park in Denver. more...

Our activism supports us in accomplishing our goal of leaving a sustainable community and world for those who will inherit the earth.

Youth Leadership

Earth Guardians foster leadership skills in a natural way by providing a supportive space for learning, sharing, and collective action for those seeking to better themselves and their communities.

Some of the Earth Guardians waiting to sign in to speak at Boulder City Council, 2010

Our leadership programs inspire and empower youth to become leaders by providing a multitude of opportunities that involve teamwork, integrity, and creativity.  We work with elementary-, middle-, and high school-aged youth to build fundamental leadership knowledge and skills that provide a framework for implementing environmental stewardship projects.

Our regular weekly group meetings focus on teaching listening and discussion skills that help youth to become positive and aware community members.  The youth participants have the opportunity to specialize in an environmental topic so that s/he can become an Earth Guardian representative in that area, offering direct experience in leading group discussions and presentations.  Building on this foundation, through participation in local issues and events, our youth team learns the basics of good leadership through team-building and mission-building.  Finally, through self-designed projects that directly benefit our communities, they learn what it takes to conceptualize and complete a project from the beginning, experiencing the power of implementation and joy of accomplishment, further leading to their development as effective leaders.

“Our Future Leaders." Earth Guardians get a chance to see what it is like to sit on the other side of the Boulder City Council desk, 2010

For those who find particular passion in environmental leadership, we have partnered with the Hummingbird Living School, in Mora, New Mexico, to provide a land-based leadership camp during the summer that will give youth a unique hands-on opportunity to learn from dynamic and innovative educators and community leaders from around the country.