Who We Are

Dedicated Youth

Earth Guardians is an organization of dedicated youth and adult mentors from around the world. We are committed to working together to protect the Earth, water, air and atmosphere so our generation, and those to follow, inherit a healthy, just and sustainable planet.

Earth Guardians is empowering a generation of young environmental and social leaders by providing education, tools and resources to become effective leaders in their communities. We inspire youth to connect with their creative passion and take it into positive action.

We believe that today’s youth have a vital role in addressing our environmental and climate crisis and in creating the kind of world we want, and deserve to live in. This is evident by the rising movement of youth that is growing around the planet to protect the Earth and our Future.

Inspired Activists

By connecting with their creative passion they are able to take it into artistic action towards building a global movement of inspired activists creating a sustainable and peaceful world.

We are focusing on weaving together this synergy of individual grassroots youth lead projects around the globe, to create one international, intergenerational movement of Earth Guardians for effective change.

Around the World

Our central hub in Boulder, Colorado, works on local, national and international issues as well as providing the support system and management team to assist youth around the globe in building successful campaigns for positive change.  

Right now, we have 22 Earth Guardian crews spreading from Boulder to Brazil, New Mexico to Australia, Florida to France. We even have a group in Togo, Africa that has over 500 members, and thousands of individuals who have joined Earth Guardians from around the globe! more info...

Local Action

Locally, Earth Guardians have:

  • gotten harmful pesticides out of parks
  • worked to get a ban on GMO’s
  • helped to get bans and moratoriums on Fracking
  • helped to get a fee on plastic bags
  • worked to end a contract with Xcel energy to help move the city towards a renewable infrastructure
  • planted trees with our city
  • participated in over 50 rallies and events locally
  • organized marches and actions to stop harmful practices
  • given presentations in schools, community gatherings, rallies, conferences and events

Earth Guardians Historic Journey

Earth Guardians have a long history and have been building a successful organization powered by youth since 1992. Over the past twenty years we have Earth Guardians leaders have become successful agents of positive change spreading a message of hope and inspiring youth into concerted action.

We have had the opportunity to participate, inspire, speak, present and perform at conferences, festivals, rallies, schools and colleges around the world. The Earth Guardians movement is growing across the globe!. more history


For those who find particular passion in environmental leadership, we have partnered with the Hummingbird Living School, in Mora, New Mexico, to provide a land-based leadership camp during the summer that will give youth a unique hands-on opportunity to learn from dynamic and innovative educators and community leaders from around the country.

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Earth Guardians is a project of GAYA - Global Alliance of Youth in Action, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Public Charity and a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation.