Uplift Festival
December 20 - 23, 2012
Byron Bay, Australia

The Boulder Earth Guardians were invited to bring their energy, inspiration and youth perspective to The Uplift Festival. This was a 4 day major media global event held in Byron Bay, Australia which focused around the "Birth2012", where the Earth Guardians performed and 12 year old Xiuhtezcatl gave a keynote address,  representing the youth of the world, called “The Hope Is In Our Hands”.  

Earth Guardians organized youth from all continents to share their message globally via the live streaming during the event.

Check out their website - www.upliftfestival.com

Vision: Envision 100 million people uniting around the world to honor the birth of a new era for humanity – a historic day of global unity accompanied by love and celebration. We’ll link across the world in moments of song, prayer, dance, and cultural expression over a 24-hour cycle. We’ll share laughter, perform acts of generosity, and commit to global cooperation in the key areas of our collective life on this planet.

Join us in this potent global rite of passage marking humanity’s entry into a new era in which we are consciously evolving together. Our goal is to reach a critical mass of people – one percent of the world – committing to a positive future together.

Check out their website - www.birth2012.com 

The events focused on high-lighting the good news and what is really working in the world, uniting all sectors of society through Global media.   A proposed Global Convergence Center is in the works right here in Boulder, Colorado, as a model and template to support the emerging hubs that are forming world wide.  Earth Guardian’s will establish our first International Earth Guardian chapter while we are in Australia. . 

Barbara Marx Hubbard and Xiuhtezcatl YouTube Video:

Some other cool videos:

Xiuhtezcatl  lighting the sacred fire ceremony for Rio+20 UN Summit - VIDEO LINK

Xiuhtezcatl closing the World Congress - YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK

Xiuhtezcatl speaking at the Rio+20 UN Youth Blast - YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK

We need your help!

We are reaching out to our community for additional financial support.

We are in need of raising another $10,000. For recording and pressing our new album “The Hope Is In Our Hands” to distribute, as well as graphics and printing for promotional and informational materials.  We also need support with web-development to keep everything current and to follow through with updates as well as to manage the wave generated there.

Tax-deductible donations can be made here on this website
through credit card or Paypal, or by writing a check
to our 501c3 non-profit organization, Earth Guardians,
and mailing it to 3980 Broadway #103-229, Boulder CO 80304.

With Love and Hope for a better World!
Tamara Rose Roske and the Earth Guardian Team

Onward towards a Healed Heart,
a Healed World, and a Healed Earth! 

Earth Guardians is a Colorado nonprofit corporation,
federally recognized as a publicly supported charitable organization with a 501(c)(3).
Please refer to the GAYA (Global Alliance of Youth and Adults in Action) website www.gayainternational.org for more information.

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