Earth Guardians Mentor Team

The Earth Guardians Mentor Team, with its wealth of experience in a variety of fields, serve as directors,
mentors, and co-organizers to assist the youth of the Earth Guardians.

Tamara Roske – Executive Director
Tamara is the mother of six beautiful children that are actively involved in Earth Guardians. She is the founder and executive director of Earth Guardians and the soul behind many of its projects.   In 1992, she co-founded and directed the Earth Guardian Community Resource Center, an accredited experiential learning high school in Maui, Hawaii, where she successfully directed her vision to bring environmental awareness, cultural involvement, and positive change to youth.

She has taught environmental education and has organized youth outreach programs and cross-cultural programs focused on earth restoration for the past 20 years. In 1995-6, she was the co-coordinator of the Children’s Torch of Hope Tour, which traveled to high-profile events in 29 states throughout the U.S. with youth from different countries speaking on environmental and children’s rights issues. She directs and choreographs the Earth Guardian Performance Group, which supports young people in expressing their creativity by performing message-driven music, dance, and theater to educate and inspire their peers to make positive choices in their lives. Tamara is now guiding the third generation of Earth Guardian youth volunteers into environmental activism and leadership.

Ashley Kulik - Social Media Coordinator, Fundraising
Ashley Kulik just completed her undergraduate degree at University of Colorado, Boulder. Her work in the field of Speech Language Hearing Science and Education originates from her inherent passion for youth as well as her personal encounters with the public education system. She believes that as this generation inherits the current economic, environmental, and technological dilemmas- our schools must not only prepare students for these challenges, but facilitate a call to action. Her goal is to fuel the powerful voice of youth through community activism.

Ashley is building an online social media platform to connect youth-led groups from all different parts of the world. This will allow for local collaboration to have the potential for a global impact. She believes this intercultural communication and network of resources will provide a built in support system for youth to create their own groups, projects, businesses, campaigns, and perhaps even legislation. As a young person, she feels it is her duty to take action herself. She wants youth to be valued as more than just consumers, target audiences, and recipients—but as change-makers with the freedom to choose our future.

Andrea Conway-Hourie - Office Management
Andrea is a culturally oriented person, based on her traditional values and lifestyle.  She has participated in many indigenous ceremonies honoring and praying for the healing of the Earth. She has also been the carrier of the Sacred Waters from all over the world and has been responsible for presenting the water and sharing the importance to care and conserve the water for future generations in indigenous ceremonies. Andrea also has incredible organizational and coordination office skills that she has developed over the past 5 years, as an Office Manager in a non-profit organization serving low income families. She has worked through her tradition, personal and business life with the people in order to help them be aware of the importance of preserving our sacred Earth for generations to come.

Elena Klaver - Lead Editor
Elena is a lifelong environmental, peace and justice activist, as well as a musician and professional Spanish interpreter with a BA in environmental biology and environmental education.  She has interpreted at international indigenous gatherings as well as numerous spiritual, community, environmental, peace and justice gatherings for twenty years, as well as day-to-day work in state and federal courts, conferences, and community events.  Elena has used her skills in interpreting, music, art, and organizing to work for balance and healing on Mother Earth, and to use her love and passion for the Earth to encourage and inspire others to also work for a better world.

Isa Roske - Youth Outreach Coordinator
Isa has had extensive experience in the fields of activism and leadership. She has been part of the Earth Guardians since the age of six, and had the honor of being with EG group that spoke and performed at the United Nations after carrying the Children’s Torch of Hope across the U.S. in 1995. In 2003 Isa co-founded Youth Leaders in Action. Her first creation was E.A.R.T.H. “Earth Activist Restoring Their Home," a multi-media presentation aimed to educate youth on the current state of the planet. Isa has presented EARTH at schools, community gatherings, and national youth leadership conferences. In her work as a youth activist she has also helped to organize rallies and community projects, mobilizing youth to stand up and protect the earth. She has received the E-chievment Award from E-Town radio and the Peace Maker of the Year Award from the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center for her outstanding commitment to create a better world. 

Jasmine Roske-Jones - Performance Coordinator
Jasmine is the mother of three adorable children and has stepped on board to lead the third generation of Earth Guardians in developing their performance skills. Jasmine was the lead singer for the first generation Earth Guardian Performance Group when they traveled across the United States carrying the Children’s Torch of Hope, performing message-driven original songs and speaking in high-profile events in 29 states on behalf of the earth and children’s rights. Jasmine is passionate about music and using it as a tool for kids to express themselves while educating and inspiring others.

John Steiner- Senior Advisor
John is an activist, organizer, and philanthropist, he brings together people, ideas, projects and money around common causes. As our senior advisor, his vast experience and wisdom provides invaluable council and guidance to our team. He has been a founding member and leader of the Threshold Foundation, the Social Venture Network, and is a co-founder of GEMS, Green Economic Movement/Marketing Strategies, which employs entrepreneurial skills to intervene in the market place.

Robin Eden – Arts and Permaculture Coordinator and Graphic Designer
Robin has eyes for color, her love for beauty and plants began as a child. Since, she has utilized her imaginative nature in most her endeavors, working experimentally and professionally installing urban gardens, community networking, making art, and mothering. As a natural visionary and design based artist, she is forward-thinking. She sees a world of abundance utilizing appropriate technology. Certified to teach Permaculture, and inspired, dedication to Earth and the future of our exotic planet continues to inspire her to share this wildly creative and regenerative lifestyle with the next generation.

Mark Step – Webmaster, Marketing and Media Director
Mark has over 12 years experience working as a web developer, graphic designer, and business consultant, with particular emphasis on corporate identity, logo design, internet strategy, ecommerce, budget marketing, and print design. He has worked with hundreds of small business startups and expansions to design and deploy professional websites, as well as develop concise branding, effective communication strategies, and successful marketing campaigns. Mark has also worked in the fields of event center management, team building facilitation, and personal growth acceleration. Combining a strong ethical and spiritual base, with compassion and wisdom, he has a strong interest in working on behalf of our environment and with youth.

Makasha Roske - Co-founder and Global Ambassador
Co-founder of Hummingbird Community
Makasha Roske has been committed to supporting youth in developing themselves as young leaders most of his life. His wisdom as an Elder has guided much of the work of the Earth Guardians. He is a visionary and believes that we can, and are awakening as a human species and will rise to the call to insure future generations a beautiful, healed world to live in. He has dedicated all of his adult life to working on projects that promote sustainability and whole heartedly deserves to be commended for his deep dedication to the Children. We look forward to his council as he guides us in our work.

Olivia Barber - Outreach and Fundraising
Olivia is a social entrepreneur, activist and advocate of the mindful life. While studying humanities, cultural anthropology, and peace and conflict studies at the University of Colorado, she recognized her talent and passion for youth empowerment. Armed with a sense of compassionate curiosity, Olivia embarked upon a journey to change the world through social, educational and environmental transformation. She believes that creative self-expression, self-awareness, and stress-management are the keys to creating sustainable, resilient and proactive communities. Inspired by music, mountains and being upside down she finds peace through writing, teaching yoga to people of all ages and the simple magic of being alive. 

Siri Martinez - Cultural Program Coordinator
Siri was born and raised in Xochimilco, Mexico. He studied environment, organic agriculture, and natural construction at the Casa Ecológica Teotihuacan. In 1995 he was invited by Mexcalibur to represent Mexico’s voice of youth in the World Congress of Children for the United Nations 50th anniversary. He toured 29 states in the United States carrying the Children’s Torch of Hope. He was the youth representative for Mexico and a spokesperson for the children of the world that addressed members of the U.N. General Assembly in New York. After returning to Mexico, the mayor of Mexico City inaugurated a monument in honor of the Children’s Torch of Hope and the Guardians of the Future. He has been working on establishing relationships among the native peoples of Mexico and the United States. He is a practicing artist and young leader, inspired to keep his culture alive. 

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