ryse: the vision 

We believe in the power of youth to disrupt the global leadership status quo. 
As Earth Guardians Crews continue to pop up every day, we see young people confidently stepping up to lead projects, campaigns, and collective actions all over the planet. It is our goal to continue to weave a web of support and community, connecting young people with each other, and mentors worldwide. The RYSE Youth Council—scoping, planning and executing our Climate Action Plans throughout the seasons—are helping to shape the direction of the Earth Guardians movement. 

This intergenerational movement is not waiting for others to take action. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are #GenerationRYSE

RYSE Youth Training - April 2015, NY

In March, the Earth Guardians RYSE Youth Council attended a four-day training and workshop facilitated by the Wildfire Project to learn how to organize and empower youth in climate action. These Youth Council members will return to their communities to organize solution activation trainings!


The RYSE Wisdom Council has 16 seasoned leaders and activists from diverse cultural, geographic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

With experience in social justice, movement-building and climate solutions, this multifaceted council is supporting the youth-led shift toward a healthy, just, and sustainable planet.

The RYSE Youth Council

The RYSE Youth Council is made up of 15 youth leaders, ages 10-21, from across the nation. In March of 2015, they began to develop their skills as organizers, facilitators, and community leaders while collaborating as the principal decision makers for the RYSE movement.

Currently, these young leaders are organizing trainings and sustainability initiatives in their own communities. 

How ryse works

Phase 1: Wildfire Training

In March of 2015, the impressive movement builders of the Wildfire Project facilitated 4 days of workshops and trainings for the RYSE Youth Council at Frost Valley in the Catskill Mountains. Wildfire is a democratic, front lines, action-oriented team of organizers and facilitators. They recognize times of crisis as vital opportunities for improving life on earth. They fuse political education, skills training, group development, and direct organizing. Their team leader is the global trainer for 350.org. They have supported a diverse range of social and ecological justice movements: from Tar Sands Action and PowerShift to Dream Defenders and the Divest Student Network.

Phase 2: Coordinated action

Youth Council Leaders are strategizing to collectively carry out and lead an organized national action.This powerful, unified action will mobilize and inspire participants in addition to jump-starting the momentum of the movement.

Phase 3: Community Solutions Activation Trainings

In Summer of 2015, RYSE Youth Council Leaders across the country will put their new skills to use and organize local trainings and events within their communities. Day 1 of their trainings will focus on analysis of key issues, organizing, and leadership strategy. Day 2 will be dedicated to collaboratively crafting a plan for climate solutions using innovative facilitation techniques to implement in their communities. 

Phase 4: activation

Time to RYSE! Leaders and communities will put their climate solutions into action. Shovels will be in soil planting trees and gardens, solar panels will cover school rooftops, and new solar-powered lights will line park sidewalks. We anticipate ingenuity and never-before-seen solutions. Youth leaders will discover the creative, collaborative leaders within. With the tools and connections from RYSE, youth will recognize themselves as leaders, catalysts for change and a part of our greater global community.