Earth Guardian News Show

The Earth Guardians will film, edit, produce and distribute bi-weekly “Earth Guardians News” reports, which will report on environmental world news, new developments within the iMatter campaign, and other featured stories

In addition to reporting the news and being on camera, the youth involved will also write their own scripts and decide on the content to be included. This presentation of important information by youth in a creative way will effectively engage youth across the planet as well as within the Earth Guardian Networks.

Pilot : "Youth News You Can Use"

The practice of Fracking poses a severe risk to public health and the environment, such as drinking water contamination, toxic waste water spills (A waste water pit leaked 1.6 million gallons that entered the Colorado River), wildlife and natural habitat poisoned, food and agriculture contamination, noise, vibrations, air pollution, increased heavy vehicle traffic, road surface deterioration, and lowering property values to name a few.

In continuing to engage youth through the News program, Earth Guardians will help to build momentum, energy, and solidarity with youth-activist communities around the planet. The program will begin being published bi-weekly, but may potentially be produced more frequently, depending on the capacity of Earth Guardians to do so as well as the extent (the quality and quantity) of the content available. For distribution, the series will be posted to a video hosting source which then can be distributed on the iMatter International website, YouTube, Facebook and other youth news outlets we are now exploring relationships with.

Regular News Features
and Segments:

World News, The Planet We are Inheriting - Environmental updates from around the world about the state of the planet, Impact of Current Events, Earth Dash Board

Artistic Youth Expression for Positive Change - Highlighting creative pieces, videos and performances with a positive message.

Green Tip of the Week -
How to live better by lliving green.

Good News -
Reports on groups, people, and inspiring good news stories.

Climate Science Comedy -
Featuring our Scientist and our Science Denier. One piece of climate science each week/episode.

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Earth Guardians is a project of GAYA - Global Alliance of Youth in Action, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Public Charity and a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation.