Earth Guardians in Action in the News

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Daily Camera - Denver Demonstration Protests Climate Change And Pipeline -LINK-

Gering Citizen - Earth Guardians Inspire Youth To Save The Planet -LINK-

ABC News North Coast NSW - Xiuhtezcatl Wants To Save The World -LINK-

Denver Post - Colorado Film Festival Features Xiuhtezcatl and Trust Colorado -LINK-

The Register-Guard - Young Activists Sue The Government To Save The Planet -LINK-

Fox News - Xiuhtezcatl, Environmental Activist and the Golden Film Festival -LINK-

Huffington Post - Earth Guardian Xiuhtezcatl Martinez -LINK-

Denver Post - Earth Guardians at the Forward on Climate Rally in Denver Post -LINK-

Huffington Post - Xiuhtezcatl Receives National Earth Saver Award -LINK-


Boulder's 350 Global Work Party targets Global Warming featuring the Boulder Earth Guardians

Boulder Earth Guardians Spoke at the Xcel Hearing and Rally for the non-renewal of the excel contract

Earth Guardian Kids, and cyclists pull weeds to fight pesticides in Boulder parks

Boulder City Council moves forward on SmartRegs 

Boulder won't add new pesticides to approved list

Boulder won't add new pesticides this year; city manager to study approval process 

Boulder kids rally against herbicide use in parks

Saving the planet, courtesy of Youth Leaders in Action,1713,BDC_2423_3516331,00.html

Boulder girl passes torch for activism -- Youth Leaders in Action aims to pick up where Earth Guardians left off,1713,BDC_2423_3440227,00.html

Youth Leaders In Action protests Mexico WalMart,1713,BDC_2420_3412121,00.html

Rally photos from Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Celebs Hitting the Campaign Trail,1713,BDC_16316_3256255,00.html

Group Honors Local Residents,1713,BDC_2423_3346217,00.html

Earth the Focus of Rally,1713,BDC_2434_3270035,00.html

Award Ceremony article,1713,BDC_2423_3346217,00.html

RFK Rally,1713,BDC_2434_3270035,00.html

Boulder Teen Teaches Peers About Planet,1713,BDC_2422_3188385,00.html

Boston Peace Abbey list of Courage of Concience Award (Earth Guardians and Childrens Torch of Hope Tour

What the Courage of Conscience Award is

Beginning of Earth Guardian Tour across the US

Children's Torch of Hope

Global Family Mention of Torch of Hope Tour