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Earth Guardians in Action in the News

Denver Post - Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, 14, wants to save the world -LINK-

American Aljazeera - Youth Sue Government for Climate Inaction -LINK-

The Nation - Youth Are Taking the Government to Court Over Its Failure to Address Climate Change -LINK-  

Daily Camera - Boulder Teen Activist Leads Initiative to Sow Seeds of Hope for Environment -LINK-

Colorado Springs - 13 Year Old Rapper Shares Environmental Message at Pikes Peak Community College -LINK-

College Green Magazine - Dissent in Motion -LINK-

You Tube - Earth Guardians File Legal Petition Channel 4 News -LINK-

Indian Country - 13 Year Old Calls On His Generation To Save the World - written by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez 13 yrs old -LINK- 

Intententional Community - Sustainability is a Life Style Not a Solar Panel - written by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez 13 yrs old -LINK-

Biz Journals - Teens and Tweens File Petition to Stop Fracking in Colorado -LINK-

Yes Magazine - Meet the new Climate Hero's -LINK-

So Jo Blog - Young Change Maker Xiuhtezcatl Martinez -LINK-

Indian Country - We are all Indigenous to Somewhere: Cultural Reconnection, - written by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez 13 yrs old -LINK-

Respectful Revolution - Xiuhtezcatl and Itzcuauhtli -LINK-

Indian Country - Education Must Pave the Way for Happiness, 13 year-old Says, - written by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez 13 yrs old -LINK-

Channel 4 News - Earth Guardians File Legal Petition Against State on Fracking (video) -LINK-

Daily Camera - Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Selected to Serve on the Presidential Youth Council -LINK-

Spark Action - Top 24 Under 24 Youth Changemakers -LINK-

KGNU Radio - “Earth Guardians, Climate Change, and the ARISE Festival featuring MICAHEL FRANTI” – with Guests: ME - Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Paul Bassis, and Tamara Roske. festival! -LINK-

KJCT8 - Earth Guardians protest Hickenlooper's Oil and Gas Policy -LINK-

Aspen Times - Protesters Gather Outside of Governors Meeting -LINK-

Huffington Post - Frackers Follow Governor to Aspen -LINK-

Blog Talk Radio - Kids Against Fracking -LINK-

Cultural Survival - Guardian of the Earth: A Portrait of the Environmentalist as a Young Man -LINK-

Natural - Parents bully youth over fracking presentation at Colorado middle school -LINK-

"Let's remember that our young ones are watching and we have a responsibility to be role models, support their expression and give them a voice in their future. In the case of The Earth Guardians, perhaps adults can learn a little from these kids about speaking up for the safety of our communities, the air, and the water." Carolanne Wright - Natural News (article linked above)

Daily Camera - Boulder County's oil, gas moratorium to end June 10 -LINK-

Daily Camera - Boulder County moms rally against fracking -LINK-

CBS 4 News - Group Of Moms In Boulder County Taking On Big Oil -LINK-

Huffington Post - Teacher and Principal Pressured to Resign Over Students' Presentation About Fracking -LINK-

ABC 7 News - Anti-Fracking Performance at Evergreen School -LINK-

Gering Citizen - Earth Guardians Inspire Youth To Save The Planet -LINK-

Denver Post - Colorado Film Festival Features Xiuhtezcatl and Trust Colorado -LINK-

The Register-Guard - Young Activists Sue The Government To Save The Planet -LINK-

Fox News - Xiuhtezcatl, Environmental Activist and the Golden Film Festival -LINK-

Huffington Post - Earth Guardian Xiuhtezcatl Martinez -LINK-

Denver Post - Earth Guardians at the Forward on Climate Rally in Denver Post -LINK-

Daily Camera - Denver Demonstration Protests Climate Change And Pipeline -LINK-

Huffington Post - Xiuhtezcatl Receives National Earth Saver Award -LINK-

ABC News North Coast NSW - Xiuhtezcatl Wants To Save The World -LINK-

The Age - Four-Day Uplift Festival -LINK-

Sydney Morning Herald - Apocalypse Now - or at 10.11pm, to be precise -LINK-

Echo Net Daily Independent News - Kids Becoming A Force for Change In the World -LINK-


Boulder's 350 Global Work Party targets Global Warming featuring the Boulder Earth Guardians

Boulder Earth Guardians Spoke at the Xcel Hearing and Rally for the non-renewal of the excel contract

Earth Guardian Kids, and cyclists pull weeds to fight pesticides in Boulder parks

Boulder City Council moves forward on SmartRegs 

Boulder won't add new pesticides to approved list

Boulder won't add new pesticides this year; city manager to study approval process 

Boulder kids rally against herbicide use in parks

Saving the planet, courtesy of Youth Leaders in Action,1713,BDC_2423_3516331,00.html

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