Highlights of Earth Guardians Work and Awards

2013 International Giraffe Award

2013 Gloria Barron runner up

2013 Presidential Youth Council - to advise the president on youth views and policy
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2013 Presidential United States Volunteer of the Year Award
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2013 Young Indigenous Warriors Award

2013 YOAB certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Community Service

2012 International ECO Award from Action for Nation

2012 Peace Maker of the Year Award

2012 YOAB certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Community

2012 Earth Savers Eco Award

2012-2013 Indigenous Youth Environmental Activist Award

Courage of Conscience Award - presented in the United Nations to the Earth Guardians, by the Boston Peace Abbey. It was the first time this award has been given to a group of youth. Some past recipients of this award include Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Earth Guardian Day - the Honorable Mayor Linda Lingle proclaimed Earth Guardian day on the 27th of June in Maui, Hawaii in honor of Earth Guardian's work on the Hawaiian Island.

Peace Maker of the Year Award - presented to GAYA-Earth Guardians by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Boulder, CO.

E-chievement Award - presented to Isa Roske, co-founder of Earth Guardians “Youth Leaders in Action” by E-town Radio.

Earth Rally and Aerial Photo shoot featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Hanne Strong, and John Quiggley

Earth Guardians Performance Group
Earth Guardians have performed original songs, rap, dance and facilitated workshops at high profile events, schools, community events, and fundraisers throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the mainland US and Mexico. Through these message-driven performances and workshops, they brought the message of love and hope, educating and inspiring other youth and adults to take positive action on creating a better world for themselves and their communities.

Escorted across the country by the Earth Guardians,
the Torch of Hope arrives at the State Capitol in Oklahoma in 1995

Children’s Torch of Hope Tour
Earth Guardians traveled across America during the summer and fall of 1995 and participated in over 40 high-profile events in 29 states, carrying the “Children’s Torch of Hope.” This torch, which represented a collective prayer for peace, was carried around the world during the first Earth Run in 1986, and was held by dignitaries, children, tribal people, heads of state, and the Pope. In 1990, His Holiness the Dalai Lama dedicated the torch to the well being of all children.

The torch was passed on to the Earth Guardians and they carried it from city to city, honoring the children of the world in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. At the United Nations they presented the torch and documents which were written by youth from around the world that focused on human rights and environmental issues. With these documents great strides are still being made in creating a Young General Assembly in the United Nations and other programs where youth will have a voice.

Community Resource Center-Alternative High School
The Earth Guardian Community Resource Center was an accredited alternative high school for youth from ages 11-17 years old. The curriculum incorporated academics through experiential learning methods, leadership and conflict resolution skills, community service projects, performing and visual arts, and environmental education. The intention of this program was to help students to become leaders in their own lives by nurturing their individual unique creative potential, and empowering them to take positive action in the world.

National and International Conferences
Throughout the past 20 years youth from Earth Guardians have represented the United States, along with other youth leaders from around the world, in high-profile conferences and events such as:

  • The World Summit of Children, San Francisco, CA
  • Inauguration Guardians of the Future Event, Mexico City
  • Spectrum of Light, Washington, DC
  • UN Habitat II Summit, Wisdom Keepers Council, Istanbul, Turkey
  • State of the World Forum, San Francisco, CA
  • Y.E.S. (Youth for Environmental Sanity) World Leadership Camp
  • Youth Peace Journey, Crestone, CO
  • 2011 Power Shift, Washington, DC
  • Rio +20 UN summit
  • 2013 Power Shift, Pittsburgh , PA

Community Projects, Rallies and Presentions Organized by the Earth Guardians

  • Presented Earth Guardian Earth Day Awards to outstanding community members
  • Yotocanhi cross-cultural youth programs
  • International leadership spring and summer camps
  • Intercultural dance performances
  • Park, beach and roadside clean-ups
  • Spoke at public hearings on environmental issues
  • Letter writing to government officials regarding key issues
  • Started recycling programs
  • Restoration of natural habits at state reserves
  • Fundraising events to support other local non-profit organizations
  • Organized extensive tree planting programs
  • Worked with City Council to stop new pesticides from being added to an approved list
  • Worked to get a temporary moratorium on the use of Round-up in the parks in Boulder
  • Presented E.A.R.T.H. in schools and local and national conferences
  • iMatter March in Denver

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