Ban on Fracking in Colorado

The Earth Guardians are fighting to get a ban on Fracking in Colorado.  Fracking is a dangerous form of
Natural Gas Drilling that is happening right here in Colorado and all over the world. 

We have been working with families  in nearby counties who have wells in their back yards.  They are experiencing severe health conditions especially the children.  They are proposing to drill another 100,000 wells right here in Colorado.  Earth Guardians have done their homework and Fracking proposes a huge threat to the kind of world that their generation will be left with.

The practice of Fracking poses a severe risk to public health and the environment, such as drinking water contamination, toxic waste water spills (A waste water pit leaked 1.6 million gallons that entered the Colorado River), wildlife and natural habitat poisoned, food and agriculture contamination, noise, vibrations, air pollution, increased heavy vehicle traffic, road surface deterioration, and lowering property values to name a few.

NOAA just published a study done in Erie Colorado stating that Ethane, Butane and Propane gas levels are 10 times higher in the air in Erie Colorado then in Los Angeles and Houston Texas because of the Fracking well emissions there.

Download our Fracking Well Postcard (above) layed out 4-up as a printable PDF document.

Download our Don't Frack MY Future Postcard layed out 4-up as a printable PDF document.

Download our Fracking Facts PDF document. which contains some eye-opening facts and statistics regarding Fracking.

The Earth Guardian Youth have put together a Fracking Multi Media presentation and are available to give a presentation in your community.  Please contact us for more information.

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