2011 Annual Earth Guardian Fundraiser
An inspirational night of honoring, celebrating and supporting those in our community who are leading the way toward creating a sustainable planet.

The Earth Guardians celebrated and honored outstanding members of the Boulder community for their efforts to make a sustainable and just world a reality.

The 2011 Steward of Our Future Awards took place Monday, December 12th at the Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place (map) in downtown Boulder, where several hundred friends and supportive community members joined the Earth Guardians for a night of honoring successes over the past year and celebrating opportunities for the upcoming year.

Embedded VideoA fundraiser dinner started the night, accompanied by music from 2nd generation Earth Guardians, Isa Caress & Joe Allen. It was a tight fit to get everyone seated, but the room was abuzz with excitement and energy. After a delicious meal, the crowd learned more about the 18 year history of Earth Guardians from three generations of youth activists, who shared how they had personally been impacted and transformed through their involvement with Earth Guardians.

First generation Earth Guardian Bindi Binkley shared how Earth Guardians inspired her and influenced her to raise her own daughter with Earth Guardian values. The multi-generational group of Earth Guardians rocked out with performances of their own original music, including the songs "Live as if Our Future Matters", "Making Waves", and "Wake Up".

Former Mayor Susan Osborne and current Mayor Matt Applebaum then read the official proclamation declaring December 12 as "Earth Guardian Day", in recognition of their dedicated work, activism, and successes this past year.

Before beginning the "Steward of Our Future" Award ceremony, the Earth Guardians took a moment to honor one of their own, Xiutzactl Martinez, whose leadership has guided the Earth Guardians over the last few years in many successful campaigns to protect the earth.

The award ceremony itself quickly became an emotional event, as the Earth Guardians and the entire community honored seven “Steward of Our Future” whose work over the past year has made a sustainable world that much more of a reality.

The Earth Guard ian youth activists selected the recipients themselves, and chose two businesses, two organizations, and three individuals. Alfalfa's Market and Organic India were the awardees in the business category, for the work on organic agriculture and a sustainable consciousness. The Growe Foundation and Clean Energy Action were the selected organizations; the Growe Foundation for its work connecting children to food gardens in seventeen Colorado schools, and Clean Energy Action for it's work to pass Boulder ballot initiatives 2B & 2C, allowing Boulder citizens to pursue a municipalized utility and a democratic energy future.

Finally, the individual recipients were Sally Ranney, Daryl Hannah, and Susan Osborne; the three of them for their incredible contribution as individuals, through their work, insuring future generations an Earth worth inheriting.

After the award ceremony, the whole gang celebrated with live music performed by Jeremy Roske, Mike Wird and Jade Elise. To describe the evening as merely fun or inspirational would be a drastic understatement, as people were running around excitedly, exchanging business cards, and discussing future opportunities for what Earth Guardians could accomplish in the coming year.

Thank you to all those who attended and came out to support the Earth Guardians and the 2011 Steward of Our Future Awardees, and a big thank you to the Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place for hosting the event.

Truly a very beautiful evening!

Thank-you on behalf of the Boulder Earth Guardians

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