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The Earth Guardian
Youth Activist Tool Kit

Earth Guardians has 15 years of experience supporting and empowering youth as they become inspired, conscientious, effective young leaders.  Guided by experienced adult mentors who have laid a firm foundation, many Earth Guardians are contributing as successful role models and leaders in their communities.

Now in our third generation of Earth Guardians, our Youth Council and Adult Mentors are developing an Earth Guardian Guide that will be used as a prototype.  It is modeled after the success of previous Earth Guardian programs and can be replicated to create Earth Guardian Chapters in other cities.  The prototype will guide mentors and youth leaders as they develop into effective change makers, and in collaborating towards a unified global movement of youth. This guide can also be adopted by youth organizations, green clubs, youth councils and community groups, as a road map to enable youth to affect positive change on a local, state, national and global level.

Youth are recognizing that they have an important role in creating the kind of world they will inherit and can be proud to leave for future generations. Individually, as members of a family and community, and as future citizens, the youth of today have the power to act as catalysts to initiate change and guide development of future activities to ensure the health of their Planet.

Recognizing that they will bear the consequences of current environmental policies, a movement of youth are uniting all over the planet and rising to the challenge to insure that the current ruling generation thinks about how their decisions will affect future generations.

Youth have a common desire to get involved by acting NOW to address the state of the planet they are inheriting.  They want to be involved in successful local and global campaigns, but many times need a little guidance to get them going in the right direction.  The Earth Guardian guide will show them firsthand how to be responsible citizens by reducing their own “Carbon Foot Print” so they can be a living example as they learn to affect change on a local, national and international level.

Earth Guardians engages young people as active citizens who want to improve the environment in their communities now and in the future. Earth Guardians has successfully carried out many levels of civic participation and community service projects that will provide the building blocks for this how-to action guide as youth are supported in turning their ideas into positive action.

Our guide will assist youth in becoming responsible citizens and effective change makers in six different areas.

• Taking responsibility for our personal carbon foot print

• Taking action to green our schools

• Becoming a voice and change maker in our community

• Taking it to a state level

• Working on national campaigns

• Supporting a global unified movement

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Earth Guardians is a project of GAYA - Global Alliance of Youth in Action, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Public Charity and a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation.

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