The Earth Guardian Community Resource Center

The Earth Guardian Organization is developing a Boulder based Community Resource Center, in collaboration with a variety of partners in the public and private sector. 

The Center will offer a 21st Century “space” where youth from diverse clubs and backgrounds, afterschool programs and organizations can gather together for interactive communication and networking between youth, their peers, adult mentors and their community.

The Earth Guardian Youth Advisory Council ages 8-18, recognized for their dedication to promoting youth leadership, service-learning, youth-adult partnerships, and diversity are working directly with our Adult Mentors to design the space and the support systems that will be offered.

The Need:  Right here in Boulder there are young leaders from a myriad of groups and organizations that need a consistent place that belongs to them, where they can come together to strengthen and unify their voice as they collaborate on action plans to protect the Earth.  A place where they can leave their plans on the board and come back to them, a place of hope where they feel like they belong to something that is having a positive impact towards creating the kind of world they want to live in and pass on to future generations, a place where they have the support system, the tools and the guidance to be effective leaders.

It will be a space where youth and the community can become educated on current issues, strategize, and connect with other youth of all ages who share a common desire to implement successful plans to help steer their communities, their cities and their country in the direction of making sustainable decisions on issues that will directly affect their future.

The Earth Guardian Community Center in Boulder intends to be prototype for other Earth Guardian Community Resource Centers around the country that will be connected, as we collaborate towards building a unified global movement of youth.  The Center will utilize the Earth Guardian Guide to assist youth in the how-to’s of becoming effective young leaders on a local, national and global level.

Experienced Adult Mentors will guide young leaders in how to utilize our IT Library which contains the most current data on the environmental crisis, sustainable alternatives, sustainable livelihoods, and a social network of youth leaders who are having a positive impact on issues around the world.  The Mentors will engage with the youth in whole systems thinking strategies as they explore sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges we face.

The Rural Training Center
Earth Guardians, in collaboration with Hummingbird Land based Community in Northern New Mexico (website), will provide the rural campus and educational center for young leaders through hands on experiential learning in Nature. 

The land provides a place for deep emergence into the natural world. 
The program provides life-changing leadership skills that integrate self-discovery, friendship, cultural exchange, leadership-building, sustainable practices and community service.

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