Earth Guardians bay area Coalition

Earth Guardians Bay Area is one of the many crews around the world empowering the younger generations to become aware with current issues affecting our way of life, and finding that transition to create a meaningful impact in our own community. We are an intergenerational and interracial group whose focus is directed towards environmental, social justice issues, and committing our time to get involved with positive impactful movements or organizing.

Our youth director Isabella Zizi became a RYSE (Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth) youth council member in April 2016 which is a diverse movement of young climate leaders taking the initiative leadership role in their communities and to empower other youth to do the same. RYSE inspired Isabella to create her own chapter where she lives which is full of active community involvement raising awareness with all issues. EG Bay Area finds it important to get involved in their community, and to not be afraid to speak up about issues that are out of the norm.

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What are they up to?

EG Bay Area helped collect trash at coastal cleanups along the San Francisco Bays, hosted open mics, volunteered at a local farm, hosted a tie-dye making event,  joined in on prayer, and contemplation during refinery healing walks with Idle No More SF Bay, and attended conferences like Bioneers, Soil Not Oil, and UNITY, with many more opportunities on the way!