Council of Advisors
The Earth Guardians Council of Advisors help, assist and advise all of us in numerous ways.
Their participation is greatly appreciated and they truly help to make the Earth Guardians all that it is.

Susan Osborne
Former Mayor of Boulder
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The Earth Guardians have had the delight of working with the Honorable Mayor Susan Osborne in City Council on many issues such as ending Pesticides, Smart Regulations, and the Xcel Contract. She has been very supportive of the youth speaking out on behalf of their future and has taken their voice and concerns seriously, into her decision making process.

She has supported all of the issues that they Earth Guardians have advocated for. We are grateful to be working with her, and to have her guiding us as one of our Council of Advisors. Her wisdom, her kind heart, and dedication to future generations shines through her commitment and her work.

Letter of support from the Mayor to the EGs (PDF)

Macon Cowles
City Council, Boulder
Founder of Revival Fund Management LLC
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The Earth Guardians are proud to have Macon Cowles on our Council of Advisors. He has been an advocate for the environment much of his life. He has encouraged the Earth Guardians in finding a voice in City Council to express their concerns and to remind the council to make decisions on behalf of their future. His knowledge of how the system works and how the youth can work within it to become effective young change makers is priceless. We appreciate having him on our Council and look forward to his valuable guidance.

Letter of thanks from City Council to the EGs (PDF)

Leslie Glustrom
Founder of Clean Energy Action
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Leslie Glustrom is one of the most passionate woman and advocate for future generations to have a safe, healthy, clean world to live in. The second generation of Earth Guardians had the honor of working with Leslie on Coal issues in 2006. Now in our third generation of Earth Guardians, we are so delighted to be working with her again.

Her rare way of interacting with the youth, empowering them to find their voice from within and to express it clearly on important issues has been very inspiring. She is so dedicated to the Earth, and the children of the Earth, working relentlessly to insure future generations a chance. We are honored to have her on our side, and to have her guidance on our Council.

Joe Chisholm
“The Cove” Unit Production Manger
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Joe Chisholm’s passion for protecting the dolphins through his work with the “The Cove” has deeply inspired the Earth Guardian youth. His dedication to insuring that future generations will be able to experience the beauty of these animals first hand, instead of maybe just seeing them in picture books comes from a deep love that Joe has for these creatures the necessity to protect them. His work flows over into his caring for the Children, and the kind of world they will be left with. We are happy to have him on our Council of Advisors and look forward to his guidance in the areas of protecting the animals of the Earth.

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