Earth Guardians’ Incredible Journey to Byron Bay, Australia for the Uplift Festival and Birth 2012

Experience some of the magic that was shared during our time at the Uplift Festival for Birth 2012 in Byron Bay, Australia.

Thank you to all our supporters who made it possible!

Highlights through short video clips from the Uplift Festival!

“The Hope Is In Our Hands” Xiuhtezcatl’s opening keynote. YoutubeVideoLink

“Young and Positive” performed with local Aussie youth. YoutubeVideoLink

Sunrise ceremony with Xiuhtezcatl and Indigenous Elders. YoutubeVideoLink

Karrianne Cox, Aboriginal Woman, Powerhouse Activist, and Entertainer. YoutubeVideoLink

Earth Guardians performing in a Steiner Australian School. YoutubeVideoLink

Earth Guardians Australia – Our first International Earth Guardian Crew, up and going strong!

We had a magical journey into the beautiful area of the Byron Shire in Australia. The day after our arrival, having been greeted by a wallaby crossing our driveway, we were invited to present Earth Guardians in a local Steiner School. The teachers and students welcomed us with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. Some of these students later became the youth that kicked off the Earth Guardian Australia International Crew.

We spent our first week in Australia absorbing the beauty, participating in meetings and ceremonies with the keynote speakers, including the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Patch Adams, and other amazing change agents who came from around the world. We bonded deeply in the alignment of our work together and our commitment to birth a new world. We fell deeply in love with many of them, including the families and youth present during this first week.

EG youth presentation at Steiner School in Australia

We called our first Earth Guardian meeting on the land of Bharat Lev, our host, whose beautiful land is in the Pocket of the Shire. Around 30 youth arrived and sat in circle with an outer circle of adults, holding space. Xiuhtezcatl shared the Earth Guardian vision and about the power young people have to change the world. The youth took turns sharing their hopes and dreams for their future and how they would like to take them into action. It was truly a beautiful and empowering moment.

Our First EG Gathering in the Pocket

We learned that fracking, or CGS (Coal Seam Gas) as it is called there, is an imminent threat to their community. We worked with the young people to explore ways that they could be involved in stopping it. We brought two adults and three youth leaders from the organizations CSG Free Byron Bay and Girls Against Gas to meet with the youth that we were gathered with, in order to learn more about what exactly was happening, so that they could begin to create effective plans of action to help stop CSG on their beautiful land.

Meeting of EGA youth at Uplift

We continued to meet with the circle of local youth, empowering them to find their passion and their voice as the group grew stronger and stronger. By our third meeting, we were writing a rap song together called CSG Free that a group of the youth performed for the Uplift audience on the last day of the festival. It was so incredible seeing how empowered they had all become, and that they knew their voice could make a difference in creating a better world.

Performing CGA Free at Uplfit with EGA youth

We had the honor of spending time with the Aboriginal people and elders, in ceremony and in person. The entire experience in Australia is one that is so hard to put into words and share with you in a way that you can fully feel what happened there… but imagine 1,000 people bonding so deeply that we believe our prayers, our intentions, and our commitments reached out to all corners of the world, planting a seed…and something truly shifted as we deepened our commitment and our love for each other and the world. This journey many of feel is only the beginning of our work together!

Xiuhtezcatl with Uncle Lewis and Karrianne Cox

After we left, Gopi Lev, the seventeen-year-old leader of the EGA group, was on her first radio show promoting Earth Guardians Australia and sending out a call for people to stand with them against CSG.

Gopi Lev and EGA Crew

Another young EGA member, nine-year-old Holley, did a news interview about Uplift and Earth Guardians Australia. She is also putting together a presentation for her school in order to engage more students.

Our journey was a huge success, and we even got hundred’s of people to commit to three things on our list of 50 simple things to cut your carbon foot print to offset our travel carbon and continue to spread the Earth Guardians model that was born in Boulder, Colorado globally. A deep thank you to all the Earth Guardian crew for their commitment, their light and their work in Byron Bay. Earth Guardians is growing, and we see our work to engage and inspire the younger generation spreading globally. There are many bright paths on the horizon for Earth Guardians!

Honoring Bharat Lev on his Birthday with a Tea Leaf Lei made in Hawaiian Style by Shauna Roske

Enjoying our last day on the Beach with some of the EGA Crew

Sunrise Ceremony for the Birth into a New World

Our Very Dear Friend Joy's Beautiful Tree

Totally Amazing Youth We Were So Honored To Work With

Having Fun With The EGA Crew

Voice Of Youth Performing "I Am Young And Positive" with EGA Youth

Itzcuauhtli Connecting with a Kangaroo

The Children infusing the Torch with Their Light

Jazzi Girl Engaging the Youth In "I Am Young And Positive"

Xiuhtezcatl Being Honored and Given Sacred Sticks from Karrianne Cox

New Found Friend and Lead Earth Guardian Holley

Our Friend Wallaby Who Visited Us Every Morning

News coverage from Uplift Festival in Byron Bay Australia with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

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