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Earth Guardians Youth Director Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, (his first name pronounced ‘Shoe-Tez-Caht’)  is a 16-year-old indigenous climate activist, hip-hop artist, and powerful voice on the front lines of a global youth-led environmental movement. Xiuhtezcatl, who began publicly speaking out for environmental justice at the early age of six, has traveled across the nation and to many parts of the world educating his generation about the state of the planet they are inheriting and inspiring them into action to protect the Earth. His message has inspired youth-led Earth Guardian crews to pop up in myriad countries, growing the number of youth on the front lines to combat climate change. His work has been featured on PBS, Showtime, National Geographic, Rolling Stones, Upworthy, The Guardian, Vogue, CNN, MSNBC, HBO, and many more. Read more about Xiuhtezcatl here.

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Please note: Xiuhtezcatl receives many requests to lecture at universities, conventions, and media events around the world year-round. He does a fair bit of traveling and speaking to help educate, empower, and engage audiences of all ages in building a just and sustainable future. Between his work as a full-time high school student, his music career, and his role as the youth director of Earth Guardians, Xiuhtezcatl's schedule allows for acceptance of only a fraction of the opportunities presented. Because of this, Earth Guardians has created a Speakers Bureau made up of powerful youth speakers and performers from across the globe who are available for events. If you are interested in booking a member of our Speakers Bureau, please visit our website here.