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Taking peaceful action is where Earth Guardians excel.  From letter-writing campaigns to rallies, activism has long played a role in changing hearts, minds, and policies around the world. History has provided us with numerous models for successful peaceful activism, from world leaders to local citizens.  There are millions of people, many of whom are youth, who are currently involved in peaceful environmental activism, committed to leaving future generations a better world.

Earth Guardians Rally on behalf of “Smart Regs” requiring home owners to green their homes

Through activism, we not only seek to affect change on a policy level but aim to provide education to youth on the condition of the earth and the impact our own lifestyles have on the kind of world we will leave behind.  We empower youth with a better understanding of the what, why, and how in environmental issues, so that they can take effective action in their homes, schools, and communities. With this knowledge, youth are empowered to take action and make a difference, big or small.

In Boulder, we have organized and participated in letter-writing campaigns, rallies, and spoken in front of the City Council about a number of issues, including city policies on pesticides/herbicides and renewable energy, with very satisfying and inspiring results!  To help the city continue to keep its parks chemical-free, we have adopted the Foothills Community Park and meet monthly for a community weeding party.

We are also gearing up to rally 10,000 Colorado youth against global warming in the "iMatter March," a project of Kids-vs-Global-Warming, on May 14th of 2011, at Civic Center Park in Denver. more...

Our activism supports us in accomplishing our goal of leaving a sustainable community and world for those who will inherit the earth.

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